Valentine’s Day Messages for New Couples

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most important and joyful day for the new couple. On such a day full of love, passion, emotions and fondness, messages and greeting cards are sent to the new couples to greet them with a Happy Valentine’s Day wish.


These messages must be framed impressively and attractively so that the real purpose behind sending a Valentine wish reaches to them. Such messages may also be exchanged between the newly united couple on the day of Valentine’s to express their love to each other.

Sample Valentine’s Day Messages for new Couples

  • In this season of love, I would like to congratulate the newly united couple. We hope that you will mark this day with immense feelings of love and togetherness. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you and have a great day ahead.
  • You both look lovely together. Since it is the first Valentine’s Day after your wedding, I hope that you will shower your feelings and emotions on your partner in the best possible way. Mark this Valentine’s with unforgettable moments of joy and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you.
  • Since today is the Valentine’s Day, I do not want to miss an opportunity to let you know that I will love you till eternity. It has just been few days that I have met you and it seems as if I know you since years. I really love you dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I feel so happy and glee for the fact that “YOU” and “I” have finally became “WE”. My love for you is so gently and true, I would like to love you all through. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • I would like to greet a newly united couple a very happy Valentine’s Day. May you both land up in the feelings of love, joys and togetherness.  May you mark this day, full of love and with a great happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you, stay blessed.
  • I feel so lucky and proud to celebrate my first Valentine’s with you. With you, I experience moments of bliss and I get the feelings that are so pure and true. I promise to be with you always, wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.
  • Since it is your first Valentine’s together, wish that you mark this day with a great cheer. Congratulations for this feeling of newness and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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