Valentines Love Quotes for Girlfriend

Love is a sweet emotion and is the purest form of affection and care. Valentine ’s Day is that day of the year which has been dedicated to love all across the world and is celebrated on 14th February every year. On this day, people propose to the one whom they love and they may do so in many ways, one of which is by writing love quotes.

Valentines love quotes for girlfriend are those types of love quotes which a boy writes for his girlfriend to express his love. The following are a few samples of valentines love quotes for girlfriend and can be referred to by anyone.

Sample Valentines Love Quotes for Girlfriend:

Valentines Love Quotes for Girlfriend

  • Dear Jennie, on this day of love, I wish to express my true feelings for you.

We have been great friends for years but it is time we confess that we love each other and take this relationship to another level. Please accept my love.

  • I love you every day, I love you every night.

In love there is no wrong, there is no right.

So if you love me too, come running to me and end my plight.

  • Ever since I am in love with you, life has been a gift,

Having you as my girlfriend is the sweetest thing there is and I promise to love you all my life.

  • Dear girlfriend, my love for you is real,

My love for you in not only strong but is also pure.

I will love you till the end of time and this is my promise to you.

  • Every day and every night, I think about you and know this is right,

My love is fragrant, my love spreads light,

So never leave me dear and embrace me tight.

  • Love is a powerful emotion which can melt the hardest of hearts,

Your love melted my heart and has made me a much better person. Thanks for  being there.

  • Happy Valentine ’s Day to the sweetest girl in the world. I love you my dear girlfriend.
  • Your beauty is mesmerizing, your smile is infectious,

Your hair are silky and your voice is tantalizing.

I love everything about your Maria and will do so till the end of the world.

  • Is this love or am I going crazy? I can’t sleep in the nights and can’t think in the day. I think I am truly in love with you.

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