Valentines Love Quotes for Her

Valentine’s Day is a day when love is celebrated and all those who love someone express their heartfelt feelings. This day is celebrated on 14th Feb each year and marks a day to spread and receive love. To express your wishes for someone on this day, the best way is to write them valentines love quotes.

Valentines love quotes for her are those quotes which a boy writes for his/her girlfriend, wife, friend or partner. These love quotes can be sent through SMS, greeting cards, with flowers etc. Following given are some examples of Valentines love quotes for her for reference.

Sample Valentines Love Quotes for Her:

Valentines Love Quotes for Her

  • On the Valentine’s Day, I wish to express my feelings for you. I love you more than the length of the sky and the breadth of the ocean. I love you more than the expanse of the universe. Will you be mine, today and forever?
  • I never thought that I’d say this to someone but I am totally, completely, madly, crazily and deeply in love with you. I do not expect you to love me back but just wish to convey my feelings to you because keeping them inside is killing me.
  • My love for you is pure, my love for you is selfless, my love for you knows no boundaries and my love for you is forever. I love you sweetheart and wish to be your partner for this life and many more to come.
  • Heavens have brought you on the planet so that I can love you day and night, week after week, year after year. I love you so much and cannot imagine not having you in my life.
  • Valentines’ day is the most beautiful day of the year as love is in the air,

This day is special and filled with love, I love you so much my dear dove.

I promise to be on your side for years to come,

Let’s celebrate this day with wine, gin and rum.

  •  This day of love reminds us of the love that we have for each other in our hearts.

It tells us to forget our differences and embrace each other for what we are.

So let’s promise to love and spread love. I love you a lot.

  • You are my friend, you are my lover

I’ll be on your side today and forever.

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