Wedding Messages

Wedding messages are used to wish the bride and groom best wishes on their wedding day and the rest of their life together. These wedding messages can be sent on email, letters, cards and can be sent ahead to congratulate the couple or sent on the day of the wedding personally.

A wedding is special moment for any couple and everyone wants the bride and groom to feel special that day and create memories which they can cherish forever.

While writing wedding messages, use positive, encouraging and loving words which convey your best wishes to the couple. You can wish them luck, happiness, good health and prosperity for their future life.

If the couple is a close friend of yours, then you can also infuse humour in the wedding messages by including jokes or mention any personal incident which will lighten the atmosphere.

Couples who are spiritual will also appreciate if you mention your prayers and good wishes for them and in these cases you can also quote your favourite scriptures or inspirational quotations. Some wedding messages also toasts to the bride and groom, usually made by those close to the couple.

In such a situation, mention your best wishes and also any special incident that brings out the good nature of the couple.

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