Sweet Messages to the Newly Weds

When a ceremony, most especially a tying of the knot, occurs we can’t help ourselves but to be happy for the couple and wish them the best of everything now that they are together until the end of lifetime. Sweet messages in dedication to them can really help complete the celebration become more grandeur than expected. These messages may be given through cards, if you consider yourself an old soul that is. Most often than not, these messages are uttered in front of the couple and guests. If you are assigned to do such tasks then here are sweet messages to help you make the celebrants’ day better beyond expectations:

  • I am happiest to see you with extreme delight in your biggest day yet. I wish you both a fortification of vows and to cherish them in the ravage of time.


  • It is an undeniable fact how someone so beautiful can radiate so much beauty unknown to all. Even the world stops to stare admiringly at you both, besides how could anyone not? Let this be a celebration of commitment to love to the maximum in any way our hearts see it possible.


  • This sacred ceremony, worth immortalizing in the heart of time, has made the hopeless hopeful. You both have made us believe that, despite the hatred that looms around the world and threatens to doom the things we cherish, Love sprouts even in the most corrupted of soil.


  • In times of cruelty and relentlessness who knew that a courage to hold a ceremony that celebrates all the love in this world could sprout? Everyone who has witnessed this event are inspired to love when the cynics have discouraged to rather hate or at least be apathetic about certain things. This celebration is worth a thousand delights which invites all to love the even unlovable.


  • It is with my deepest gratitude to be part of the celebrants’ guests for it’s the first time in my life to have witnessed the process of love being carved through eternity. It has been a real pleasure seeing your smiles spread from east to west all because of being committed to love one with the absence of conditions. I wish you both all pleasant things to come as the future unravels.


  • I have always thought that love songs and poems are created by idealists by purposes of aggrandizing love when it is really impossible to last long. Tonight I have just known that those love songs and poems are all sincere. I thank you both for making me believe in love that has come to flesh rather than remaining a feeling not worth an argument.

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