Wedding Anniversary Text Messages for Parents

Wedding anniversary messages are sent to the couple who completes specified years of togetherness.

Wedding anniversary text messages for parents are the text messages that are sent by the sender to his or her parents at the time of their wedding anniversary.

These messages are written with the deepest feeling of love and affection for the parents.

Sample Wedding Anniversary Text Messages for Parents

[blockquote]On the 25th wedding anniversary, your daughter and son wish that you continue to experience many more years of togetherness, joys and fun. We are so proud to call you as our parents and you are the only source of our happiness. Happy wedding anniversary mom and dad![/blockquote]

  • Dear parents, on your wedding day I pray, that may GOD give you as much love as you have given to me all the way. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Dearest mom and dad, May you continue to complement each other in all the years to come. It was a blessing from the GOD above when you both became one. Happy wedding anniversary and we will make sure that we will fill this day with celebrations![/notice]
  • Dearest mom and dad, nothing to us is merrier to see both of you together. On your wedding anniversary day, we would like to tell you that we love you in our purest way. Happy wedding anniversary!

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