Wedding Card Messages for Friends

Sending wedding card messages is very common these days. Wedding card messages for friends are the messages that are exchanged amongst the friends to congratulate the united couple on their wedding day.

These messages are written in a causal way to convey the best wishes to your friends for their happier married life.

Sample Wedding Card Messages for Friends

  • Hey friend, you are also going to get married soon. I am sure that you would be a perfect groom. Your wife is surely a lucky one and I wish that you both experience feelings of joy, laughter and fun. Happy wedding day!
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Dearest friend, on your wedding day you must understand that you are soon going to become a husband. Make sure your wife never leaves your hand and I sincerely pray that you receive happiness of all brands. Happy wedding day dearest friend.[/notice]
  • You were never just a friend to me but you were always like a sister to me. My heart is filled as you are going to get married. Today being your wedding day, I will sincerely pray that you be greeted with happiness and joys on your way. GOD bless you with a happy married life.

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