Wedding Messages for Nephew

The wedding day is considered to be an important day for the person getting married and for his or her near and dear ones. On such an auspicious occasion, various types of messages and greetings are sent to the person, to congratulate, bless and greet him for the upcoming life. Wedding messages for nephew are such beautiful messages that can be sent to your nephew on his wedding. These messages convey sender’s love and blessings to his or her nephew.

Sample Wedding Messages For Nephew

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]On this happy occasion of the wedding of my dearest nephew, I would just pray to GOD to greet him with a blissful life all through. I am so happy for both of you, may all your dreams come true. Congratulations on your wedding.[/notice]

  • Dearest nephew, as you are going to enter into the auspicious bond of matrimony, I would like to congratulate you and would bless you for your love to last till eternity. May your married life be greeted with endless surprises. GOD bless you.
  • Since it is the wedding day of my best nephew, I would wish all the happiness for you. As you have always been a great person to all of us, I am sure that you are going to be an amazing husband. Congratulations on your wedding, accept our love and sincerest blessings.
  • It is the time to fill our glasses with wine and wait for the wedding chime. Since it is the wedding of my dearest nephew, it must be called as a celebrations time! Congratulations on the happy union of both of you, may you have endless moments of joys and happiness to pursue. Have a great life.
  • Just because you and your partner are meant to stay together, the love between both of you will last forever. Heartfelt congratulations on your wedding dear, may you have a great future.

[blockquote]Dearest nephew, brighter and fonder days are soon going to come. It is your wedding and we have got a reason to mark it with endless joys, laughter and fun. I am so happy for you, congratulation on your wedding dearest nephew.[/blockquote]

  • Since it is the wedding of my dearest nephew, the party will soon commence. I will grab a moment to welcome the newly wed. Greet the couple for their happiest married life, have a great time with your wife. Congrats!

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