Wedding Messages to Parents

Wedding messages to parents are generally presented on the auspicious occasion of their marriage anniversary. Such messages have to be drafted with utmost care and should be successful in presenting their loving relation at a glimpse. Through this message they should cherish their memories and realize how they have grown in this relation.  Therefore, irrespective of the year of wedding anniversary such wedding messages to parents have to be drafted with proper lineaments and thoughtful words so that it touches them.

Sample Wedding Messages to Parents

  • May your love for each other flourish as more years go by. May your love remains true and strong and bonding you both share keep on growing. A very happy wedding anniversary to both of you my dear parents.
  • We would like to take great pride today in honoring our parent’s love on the occasion of their wedding day. Their love has not only blossom their married life but also filled with happiness and joy in our lives.
  • I would like to take the opportunity of this wee hour to thank my parents for raising me with support and guidance. Also, treating me as the best gift of their married life. I wish you keep on cherishing the love and care that you share for each other years after years. Mom and Dad wishing you a very happy wedding day.
  • I wish god bless our parents and their love for each other years after years. And mark this sacred celebration of wedding day with exuberance, joy and happiness. Hope they could cling to each other like this strongly ever after.
  • Today, I would like to take this opportunity to wish both my parents a very happy wedding day. Also, I would like to honor the devotion, love and care they have shared for each other throughout their married life. Hope god fulfill each and every dream they have borne together. Dear parents, I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. Love you both !!
  • When they talked about ‘Heavenly Marriages’ I thought of yours, when they told that ‘true love happens once in life time’ it reminds me of yours and when they say ‘unbreakable relation’ it only reflects yours. Wishing you a very happy wedding day. I wish you both grow stronger and stronger and being your child I learn the essence of holding each other in a relation.

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