Wedding Save the date Messages

Wedding is the time to celebrate the fun and joy with near and dear ones. In order to make sure that all your loved ones are present for your wedding, Wedding Save the date Messages are sent.

These messages can be either sent by the couples who are getting married or their parents to all the relatives to intimate them about the wedding date so that they can keep that date free and manage their schedule accordingly.

Sample Wedding Save the date Messages

[blockquote]Dear Mrs. &Mr. Gomes, It is our pleasure to invite you to the wedding of our Son, James on 3rd of July, 2011. We will soon send you all the details of wedding with the card but please save the date and keep yourself free.[/blockquote]

  • Dear John, I know you are a busy man and that’s why I am telling you a month in advance that I am getting married on 7th of August, 2011. Make sure to save this date in your planner or else you know buddy!!!

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