Formal Welcome Messages

Welcome messages are the messages that are sent to greet or welcome a guest or an invitee or any person to a desired place.

These messages can be of variety of types such as formal, informal, casual, sweet etc. Formal welcome messages are the messages that are written formally to welcome a person to a place.

The messages are written officially or formally. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Formal Welcome Messages

[blockquote]Respected Sir, we missed you during your stay at the hospital for a major surgery. We hope that you are now in the pink of your health and we welcome you back. May you find good health and comfort at your home.[/blockquote]

  • Long time no see! Someone informed about your backing home to me. I welcome you back and hope that you are performing fairly well.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You all are welcomed at a formal get together meeting of ABC Corporation. May we have thoughtful conversations all the while and success hits to our company with a smile. Welcome all.[/notice]
  • On behalf of XYZ Company, we welcome all our employees back from their 2 days vacation. We hope that you will be back to work with full vigor and dedication. Welcome back!

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