Pottermore House Welcome Messages

Pottermore house welcome messages are those messages which are written so as to welcome people into houses of Hogwarts, the magic school in the book series ‘Harry Potter’.

These messages are posted on the website ‘Pottermore’ and must be genuinely written to welcome new students in a particular house. The message length must be short and precise.

Given below are a few samples of Pottermore house welcome messages which can be used for your reference purpose.

Sample Pottermore House Welcome Messages:

[blockquote]Many heartiest congratulations that you have been selected in Gryffindor. May you find success, glory and luck by being a part of this house. Welcome aboard.[/blockquote]

  • Welcome to Ravenclaw as a new member. Hope you have a good run in this house and wish you live upto the expectations that this House of Hogwarts holds.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Welcome to Slytherin house. This house stands for passion, luck, hardwork and confidence. Hope you live upto these terms and become a great magician.[/notice]
  • Welcome to Hufflepuff house of Hogwarts magic school. You are lucky to be part of this great house and it is my wish as the house leader that you find your stay here comfortable and filled with magic!

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