Welcome SMS Messages

Welcome sms messages are the SMS text messages that are conveyed through mobile phones, amongst the people to welcome or greet them on a desired occasion or a required purpose.

Such messages are written with due respect to greet and welcome someone in a pleasant and an acceptable way. The purpose of these messages varies according to the sender’s wish.

Sample Welcome SMS Messages

[blockquote]I am so glad that you came. I really appreciate the efforts that you did while travelling and finally joining us on the party. I welcome you and hope that you enjoy being a part of it.[/blockquote]

  • It is a great pleasure to have you as our class teacher. On behalf of our school, we all welcome you ma’am!
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]On behalf of all the employees working at this company, I respectfully welcome the newly appointed managing director of financial team. We are sure that we will receive quality guidance and unending support from you! Welcome sir![/notice]
  • I am so pleased that you have finally accepted our offer to join our team. We all welcome you with our great respect and honor.
  • Welcome dear sir! I am sure that your experiences and skills would be of a great help to all of us. 

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