Get Well Wishes Messages For Coworkers

Get well messages could be sent to people who are ill and down for a few days or weeks and you want to wish them health. It is possible that your coworker might fall ill, and you might be required to wish him or her, a speedy recovery. A get well message to a coworker should contain concern and maybe a hint of humor in order to make the recipient feel important and lift their spirits too. Here are a few messages to help you wish a coworker a speedy recovery. Use them to suit your requirements, and edit as per the person you are sending them to.

  • The office doesn’t feel the same way without you. You just get yourself out of that bed and come back to your desk fast. We all at the Zonal Office are wishing for your healthy recovery.
  • We all know you were overworked and the ploy worked. You wanted a rest, and are now in bed. It is high time you stop the act and come join us back! Seriously though, we at marketing are all missing you. Get well soon and come back. We are waiting for your jokes.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]You are going through a tough time with the hospitalization I know. Just do not worry about the work at office. I and Harish are trying to handle your client queries although we do not do justice to how you handle. Do take plenty of rest and get well but get back to work soonest. We miss you.[/notice]
  • Utilize this time to the fullest and load up on your rest. Soon you will be back to strategizing and planning. Get well soon.
  • We have planned a special coming back to work party for you next weekend. Knowing you, you will make it before the deadline as always and be the first one to walk in at your coming back party. Wish you a speedy recovery!
  • [blockquote]We all wish you health and a fast recovery from your illness. It is just a matter of time before you will be back at your desk and we will all be sharing lunch just the way we always do. Do take good care of yourself and get well soon.[/blockquote]
  • I came back yesterday and felt something missing. Saw that it was you missing at your desk. Get well soon. I have a lot to share about the conference at the Head office.

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