Marriage Wishes Messages for Sister

Marriage itself is a special moment for all; and when it’s your sister it actually calls for a special set of words.  Marriage wishes messages for sister should be adorable, lovable, affectionate, full of best wishes and congratulatory words. These messages should bring an instant smile on the faces of the recipient as they feel the untainted love of the sibling / cousin and posses the words of the messages as lifetime assets. Here are few well crafted marriage wishes messages for sister that can be conveyed through text, mail, cards, gifts or even verbally –

  • Marriage is a bond made in heaven and it’s rightly justified with the life partner you will be having shortly. May your marriage be bliss forever my little sister! Good wishes for a happy wedded life.
  • This marriage will surely be one of the best things in your life my sis – the way you complement each other is just the “little bit” needed for any marriage to work. Happy married life ahead!
  • We came all the way from America to see you turn a beautiful lady my gorgeous sister and today is your marriage; we can’t express how happy we are to see you getting wedded to man you love. Love and blessings to you both!
  • Apart from being my elder sister you have always been my closest companion; I will miss you for sure but your marriage is fulfilling all the loss with infinite happiness. Wish you a very happy married life sister!
  • We were two sisters till date and missed a brother always; thank you for bringing the best brother-in-law for me. May your marriage ring the bells of happiness and prosperity in your life!
  • It will be hard living in the room alone that we shared over the years; but yes your marriage is nevertheless the best thing happening to all of us. Best wishes for your new life ahead sissy!
  • I really don’t know how I will manage things here without you; you were more like a mother than sister. Well, now it’s time to make your own family. We are so happy to see you settled. Happy married life!
  • Today is the day to ornament your fingers with those sterling wedding rings and enter the world of happiness and togetherness. Happy wedding sis dear, I will miss you!
  • May you both fulfil each other’s lives with satisfaction, happiness, peace and contentment! Wishing you a very happy wedded life dear sister!

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