Silly Messages for Best Friends

Silly messages are the messages which most people usually send to the people that they are most comfortable with to goof around. This type of message can be a prank,... Read More

Silly Messages for Serious People

Silly messages are sent to people be it strangers or not to break the ice and, thus, fill a boredom-stricken time with nothing but gaiety. If you are having a... Read More

Silly Goodbye Messages

Goodbye messages are sent to someone who is leaving either temporarily or permanently due to work, studies or any other reason. These types of messages should be drafted in order... Read More

Silly Greeting Messages

Silly greeting messages are ones which are sent to near and dear ones to offer good wishes. These types of messages can be sent on any occasion like birthday, anniversary... Read More

Silly Good Morning Messages

Silly good morning messages are those messages that are sent in order to wish good morning to other person in a silly manner. These messages just help in bringing back... Read More

Silly Goodnight Messages

Silly goodnight messages are one that is sent to loved ones at the end of the day. These messages are a great way to close a rather stressful and hard... Read More

Silly Get Well Soon Messages

Silly get well soon messages are ones that are sent to people who are very close and to cheer them up when they are not feeling well. When a person... Read More

Silly Friendship Messages

Silly friendship messages are ones that are sent to friends to invoke humor and laughter. These messages are casual in nature without any particular reason for sending them. The silly... Read More

Silly Welcome Messages

Silly welcome messages are sent to those who are coming back after a break. These messages are one of the best ways to bring zest and happiness to person when... Read More

Silly Wedding Card Messages

Silly wedding card messages are ones which are sent to a newly married couple for sending best wishes. These messages are filled with humor that helps to add more fun... Read More

Funny Silly Status Messages

The funny silly status messages can be of any types that are used to display the thoughts running in your mind at that moment. These messages are set by the... Read More

Silly SMS Messages

Silly SMS messages are messages sent mainly just for fun, without any reason. It can be sent in the context of being inspirational, angry, emotional, irritating, desperate, failure, success, etc.... Read More

Silly Status Messages

There are various status messages that an individual puts in his /her profile on a social networking site. Some of them may be serious one where as some may be... Read More