All the Best Messages for Exams are sent to people who will be taking their major exams, especially if these exams are board examinations or licensure. It is in the means of this letter to keep your friends calm as they take the examination and put every nerve in their brain at ease to impede the events of mental block, which surely is everyone’s most dreaded situation during major exams. If you are a teacher, parent, or a friends who knows that someone close to you will be taking their major exams, then sending that individual an all the best messages for his or her exam will just be the perfect deed to do.

This article offers a variety of all the best messages for exams that you can apply changes depending on the situation or the kind of examination that the reader will be taking. One of the best things about the sample messages here is that they are offered to you for free. The changes that you can apply does not only limit in the situation or kind of examination that the reader will be taking for you, too, can change the words, phrases, and sentences, or add some things in the message. If you are thinking of doing so or doing a composition of your own, carefully observe the choices of words in the messages below for you to set the right tone. The tone is the most crucial part in delivering the effectiveness and impact of the message. The tone of the message should be cheerful, encouraging, and you may even add a little humor.

This message can be sent via sms text messages, social media accounts, can be handwritten or printed in the form of letter, or can be uttered by mouth.

  • We are just days away from your examination and I understand why reaching out to you is quite a challenge now for your not-at-all-shockingly-expensive law books are your new friends. I can only imagine how boring your life may be as of the moment but I would love to think that this boredom is the gateway of your kind of absolute happiness. Your passion about bringing just to this unjust world is truly amazing, even though I assume that no antidote will ever heal this poisoned world. Anyway, keep your focus on your studies for now and I wish you all the very best for your coming exam. Cheers.


  • Hello, (name of the student), I hope that I had been a very good teacher throughout the whole school year and that not one of you will find any difficulties as your pen inks the test papers. As one of the most  quite children in my class, there is something in you that I had sensed for a very long time that you are destined to become great in life. I know that the silence in you goes very deep and so is your secretly profound knowledge and I  highly admire this kind of humility in you. I wish you all the best in the exam and may my assumed future of you come to life.


  • To our dearest, daughter, so your mom and I heard that examinations week would be on the week after next. You never really had any troubles when it comes to taking your examination but we are still worried about you for you are alone and that no one will be cooking cookies for you from time to time during studies. Anyway, we will be paying you a very short visit before you mom and I go on vacation so make sure to clean your apartment for you know very well how your mom would nag you till dusk. Remember I said short visit. Well, we wish you all the best for your coming major exams, daughter. Love, mom and dad.


  • Dear (name of your friend), I just remembered that you will be taking the entrance exam for today. Sorry if I was too selfish last night for inviting you over drinks because I was just so happy, the kind of happy that demanded a celebration over liquors. Still you came over and celebrated my life with me. I thank you so much for being there and I am deeply sorry for not giving you a chance to study. Knowing how brilliant you are in the academics I know that you are going to pass everything, but still I am sorry for acting so selfish and all. I wish you all the best in your exams and may you have enough energy to keep your eyes open.


  • Hello, unusually happy kiddo in class, everyone seem so nervous about the coming exam and here you are so calm as if you have predicted what the end results of the exams are. You seem to be very high of calmness and happiness that these things bring you no trouble when kids like your age should be troubled. I am sending you this message, even though you don’t really need this for you will be acing the test sheets beyond everyone’s expectation, because you are my oddest student. Everyone thinks that the student who participates more is my most favored one but not really. I don’t really have any favorites when it comes to my student but I grew an interest on how odd your ways of thinking are and how logical they are. I wish you all the best in the exam and keep being happy.


  • Good day, son! I am so excited that three letters will be added after your name once you finish the exam. You have worked so hard in this passion of yours that I can already visualize the future that is destined to you. We all know that your hard work will bear its fruits and that your dreams will come true in no time, son. Just believe in your self and I wish you all the very best in life, especially for your exam today, and always remember to keep being humble.