All the Best Messages for Career are sent to anyone whose dedication to his or her career oozes out that you somehow get envious and happy at the same time upon knowing that a person in this century still manages to recover lost hopes, and that certainly is enough reason to just be disappointed and live life in the gray scale. If you happen to know someone who is driven with an astounding passion towards his or her career, then sending an all the best message for career will absolutely increase the interest in thriving for their dreams.

This article generously offers the best sample messages of all the best message for career, and the best thing here is they are provided for without any expenses. This type of message is already proven effective in helping them strive hard for this would make the reader think that you are in full support of her dreams. Although you can use the messages you find below without making any changes, you can, too, make some changes if you think there is a need for it, especially if you want to add some phrases. The latter suggestion would help you deliver an effect to the reader upon sensing that you composed the message and that you did not search anything in the internet for the catchiest phrases to catch them off guard. The circumstances that are sited in the message may greatly differ from yours that is why there is sometimes a need in applying the changes. The changes are not limited to the cited circumstances alone for you can also change the words, phrases, and even the sentences in the sample messages. Should this pique your interest, the significance of choosing the perfect words must always be present in mind because one mistake in crafting this type of message will certainly screw up the whole thing. The choice of words also helps you set the tone. The tone of the message can be humorous or sarcastic (if this is to be handed with your best buddy), sincere, wishful, and cheerful.

This message can be sent in via sms text messages or social media sites, or can be handwritten or printed if you fancy being old style. If you like composing your own message, using the sample messages as your guideline and carefully evaluating them will be a big help.

  • Good day, Mr. Not So Ambitious (last name or pen name of the reader), seeing you extremely driven passion towards your goals is still shocking to me because you’ve been a pessimist in almost all the aspects of life. The hope that manifests right before your eyes makes me think that maybe you are not at all what I have expected. Maybe I’m just used to the pessimistic version of you and expected nothing big from you, although the current you is exceeds my expectations. You’re probably tired of hearing that your mind is truly something but never shallow so it would no longer give me a shock that you’ll be successful in your chosen career. Still, I want to wish you all the best in your journey and success. The road will be tougher each step you make and you will stumble in rare events, if this ever happens always know that I will always be here to help you get up and will always try my best to inspire hope in your most dire situation.


  • Well, well, well if it isn’t the most infamous, stubborn guy known by many schools in this town. You have completely changed. Have you gotten rid of your stubborn version? I just want to ask you that because an air of dedication to your career path makes want to consider this as a joke or a well practiced prank. I do hope that you are no longer kidding around knowing that you are now days away from the unwelcoming world of adult’s most dreaded version of reality. Anyway, seeing you with dedication is makes me hopeful for I, too, am currently lost in the path of post emotional puberty. I wish you all the best, may you enjoy the pleasant events in your journey and learn profound things from the unpleasant ones.


  • I can hardly recall the faint memory of an image of a typical juvenile delinquent for you have grown out of your shell. The awful past we have experienced never determines our future and that we have discovered that some apples just falls too far from their trees. You are the greatest and living example of that. This makes me very proud knowing that you are only steps further in achieving the career you’ve been dreaming of since childhood. Please don’t forget the people who helped you reach such a feat in times of your success and may you keep your feet on the ground. I wish you all the best in your nearing success and the life afterwards.


  • Good day, son! I know that choosing the career that best fits for you comes with difficult certainties, especially if the fruits of your overthinking are becoming unconsciously irrational. Still, I am happy that you have finally chosen what you think is you are passionate about. Should there come a time that you think this chosen career no longer excites you, don’t be afraid to explain to me the very minute of details as to why you suddenly lost the motivation in pursuing it for you are still young, and trust me I will understand what your reasons are for this, too, had happened to me a million times way back. What I want for you is to be happy in your career that you will not be force to live a life for the sole of purpose of mere surviving instead of living it. As your father I don’t want to see you suffer the effects of working just because you are forced to do so. I wish you all the best, son, in the career that you will be choosing.


  • Hello, dearest sister, I am aware about the stresses that you’ll be facing ahead upon knowing that the career path you’ve chosen requires great mental and physical stamina. Thinking about this degree program you have recently chosen is already tedious  enough so I won’t be discussing the cons will be discovering as you enter the gloomy halls of your university, and, too, I don’t want to kill the excitement in you by discouraging you to take the degree. Anyway, I hope your future will be filled with success from your current choices, and always tell us if you are having a rough time in you college without hesitation so we can fix possible unpleasant future events, which hampers your progress. The family wishes you all the best, and may you get to enjoy the college life.


  • In the stage of adulthood, it comes with great rarity to live life in the fullest if the job chosen is not what our hearts desire. Through this the struggle of living is dilated and would only come to a stop if you do not resign to the fate of the wretched. Witnessing your daily struggle for survival has been very depressing, but when you mentioned that you will be taking a new job and, thus, put your passion in good use I was actually relieved to hear this from you. Trust me it’s really rare to see people like you dare to get  new job because of a newly realized passion. You are now in your late twenties and trust me it’s never too late to dream a new dream and apply for the job you think that offers you happiness. I wish you all the best, my friend, and may you find the fulfillment you are deserving in your new job.


  • Good day, (name of the reader), as your teacher I am truly impressed by  how much you have progressed in the short course of time. I apologize for what I said during the first day of  our meeting for I had all discouraged each one of you to apply for another degree because there is no bright future for this specific degree. I truly regret that I had said that. Perhaps I was just too caught up in this misery for not getting the desired job I wanted most. Anyway, upon bearing witness to the skills of the class, not to mention yours to be specific, it made me reevaluate what I told everyone. I know that all of you who are taking this degree will be happy to become to be in the profession I practiced and that no one will get to live a day dreading to wake up for the career they think was right for them. You will be leaving the school halls now and I will miss the enthusiasm that appears before my eyes as everyone raises their hand to answer a question which I thought was impossible to be answered by people your age. May you find the joy in the career path you had taken, and I wish you all the best in life.


  • To my most cherished best friend, I want you to know that I support you in your career even if your mom and dad are not very happy about it because of the pay that the company offers you. I know that you are suffering from an unhealthy stress because you are working on something that hinders you in living your life and each day I bear witness of your pathetic sight as your life is slowly drained from the company’s assignments. You only worked there because your mom and dad told you how good the pay is and that you’ll be able to afford fancy things that you’d dreamed of as a child. If so, how are you not happy at all from buying all the things you had so longed desired? You simply have no idea what it’s like to see your best friend who also happens to be your roommate. The daily sadness I lived by was too unbearable and it really the best thing that you have finally decided to quit the job and apply for the one which you are very passionate about. Seeing a great weight on your shoulders unloaded, I joyed at the sight of it. I know that you will make it big in the career path that you have now chosen, the pay may not be as big as your previous job but the happiness you’ll get from it will be absolutely gratifying. I wish you all the best in  your career.


  • Hey, (name of the reader), since we’re best friends I will talk to you through this letter like a frank man talking to a version of you that listens to life advice. Truth be told I was on the brink of giving up each time you failed to answer the questions I asked you during scholastic make up sessions. I badly wanted to help you and since you are my best friend I do not have the heart towards giving up on you. I know that the struggles you faced were relentless for your career but trust me everything will be worth it. When I saw you burning your brows every midnight, this inspired me to help you more and I witnessed a leap of progress. This only shows that hard work and determination gets you to positions and places you desire. You have proven to me this and you have inspired me to work harder in my career. Well, the fruits of your hard work has come and I wish you all the best in your career. Good luck.


  • What a life of bliss it is you are living that envy grows unconsciously to others from seeing the series of your hard work’s progress. I have to admit I, too, am a little envious but mostly inspired to be daring when it comes to choosing the desired career which I think is best fitting for me. Of course it’s hard for each individual to choose his or her career, especially if the parents choose your career for you even you were still an unborn baby, and from the pressures of our peers. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to tell your mom and dad about your decision that your knees shook violently and your voice is close to faltering in delivering what your heart wants to tell. When you told me all about this a shock of gaiety that you became my sole inspiration when it comes to standing for oneself. Well, I wish you a pleasant path in your career and all the best in life.


  • My writing skills have aged fast and I think I have lost my talent in it. I’d like to blame college for this mishap. Anyway, I want you to know how happy I am that you are happy and certain about your career. I mean you can always shift if you discover that your current career path is not what you truly desire after all, yet the enthusiasm that oozes from you is so welcoming that makes me happy as well in my career. Your reasons for choosing your career really pierces my heart and I think these reasons are what most adults would advise you to be practical and choose a career that grants you a fortune. I hate it each time they lecture about me that stuff, even though there are undeniable facts about their advice which makes me hate it even more. You are fully aware that the job positions which you will be applying in the near future will give you a salary that is only enough to survive, yet this does not discourage you at all. I want to wish you all the best in your career path and that may your dreams come true with an excited haste.


  • There are things in this world that refuses to die just because someone invalidates the significance of it. You are one of the people I highly admire because you are so passionate about your career even if you have heard the unwanted and unnecessary comments of the cynics about your career. Your passion refuses to rest in peace when everyone seems to be against this decision of your because it would only be a total waste of your existence if you don’t look for a job which matches or is best fitting to your mental capabilities. You don’t listen at all to their comments and I can see your love for your career only develop further. As a friend I want to tell you, even if it’s no longer necessary to tell you this since you are already doing this, to always live a life that suffices you and never live a life that only pleases others which slowly destroys you by ripping parts of you just to fit in. I wish you all the best in your career, my friend.