All the Best Messages for Colleagues is the kind of message which can help you encourage the people around you, especially in a work setting to make them feel like the tasks that they are working on is one way of helping them progress both personally and professionally. This message is usually sent by the manager thanking, congratulating, and showing appreciation to the employees by making them feel like they’re more than a colleague to him or her. If you are looking for the perfect message to tell your colleagues or employees, then you will certainly enjoy taking your time reading the sample messages that are offered here.

All the best messages for colleagues are offered here for free and you might even learn to write a composition of your own should you be interested in what you find here. All the best messages is also one way of alleviating the stress that looms in the office, especially in cases of mandatory overtimes and endless tasks which might involve running endless errands in a day. The sample messages you find below are subject to change because of the circumstances that are cited, which may greatly differ from the situation in your office. The change you can apply is not only limited to what is mentioned in the latter for you can, too, change the words, phrases, and sentences should you think of doing so. In so doing, you must never forget the importance of the proper words to choose for your tone to be set to perfection. The tone of the message should be professional, a little personal so that they don’t feel like being bossed around (if you are the manager of the employee), humorous if you have established a bond of close friendship with your colleague, encouraging, and inspiring.

This message can be sent via email, or be printed or handwritten in the form of letter, or be sent via sms text messages.

  • Good day, (full name or first name of your colleague), the company has a new project and I request everyone’s cooperation for we have worked so hard in the past few months just to get the company get back on its feet. I know that from the thought of this alone makes you sense the inevitable chaos in our small office and endless irate client calls, but I still think I need to remind you that this is one way of helping you grow professionally and personally. I want everyone’s commitment, especially you knowing you have the capability in charming the client’s interest, for this project to be successful. I wish us all the best and the success of the coming project.


  • Good morning to the best colleague I ever have, as you know I will be resigning soon because I am offered a better job position outside the country. I will surely miss all the logical, irrational, and envy-made-up rumors about someone in the production floor and you, of course. I know that you are so driven with passion to your work and it makes me happy that you continue to do all the tasks without complaining. You truly are an asset to the company and I wish you will get a performance raise for you are very deserving of that. May this passion of yours continue to grow so that people will be more inspired to work than getting up in the morning and exhale a deep sigh of please-just-end-my-life. I wish you all the best and your future endeavors here in the company.


  • Hello everyone’s favorite workmate, (name of your colleague), it might be weird to send you something like this but I think you should know that you are the reason why everyone is committed to work everyday because there is this enthusiasm in you which affects everyone here. May your commitment in work live with you forever because it inspires your colleague, including me, to do better in our jobs. The company adores you and we wish you all the best in leading a very pleasant life. Keep safe, darling.


  • To the most patient and extremely brilliant colleague, I would like to tell you how blessed the company has been since your first day here. We are so grateful that you excel in all the tasks that are handed to you even if some of the tasks are beyond the lines of your job description. You know so well about a lot of stuff and would even volunteer to handle these things all by yourself while you are doing your tasks. We highly appreciate your great contribution to this company. We wish you all the best in the constant development of your growth in this company. Best regards, (your name).


  • Good morning, (name of the employee), I would like to thank you for your full participation and for being fully committed to the tasks at hand. As your manager, I have noticed all of these very well and you are the only one who caught my attention for everyone is now completely drained from these tasks but you have shocked me and all the other managers, for you still managed to keep on working despite everyone being already discouraged. I hope you continue this action all throughout your stay in this company so that you will unlock the doors of better opportunities in the growth of your career. I wish you all the best and may you continue to enjoy working with us.


  • Good morning, (name of your colleague), working in this company has filled me with excitement and it’s all because of you. You make this work place very fun despite the strenuous activities that are handed by the president of the company. Your progress in the company has been very astounding that it makes everyone shock because you are so calm about handling your tasks. Well, I guess you are truly something that the company is in dire need of. I can smell your promotion and regularization happening sooner than expected. Job well done and I wish you all the best in this company.