Love appreciation text messages are generally exchanged between couples. They tend to generally appreciate a partner for being there for the other and reassure them in case they are facing any difficulties. These are romantic and joyous in tone. Here are some samples of appreciation love text messages.

Sample Appreciation Love Text Messages

  • I better say it now out loud before it’s too late and I live to regret it: I love you and all that you have meant to me in my life. Hereby, I appreciate all your feelings and love and I’d like to have you in this frame that makes up my life rather than not have you at all.
  • [blockquote]I can only appreciate and respect the great passion with which you love me. I make you this solemn promise that the love you have for me, the faith that you have within me shall never be betrayed.[/blockquote]
  • For all that you have meant to me, I wish I could be somebody you could trust and who would never, ever let you down and be a messenger to you of messages which were only good. Here’s a gratifying appreciation for your love and all that you’ve meant to me and for all the years we look forward to.
  • The words of love as they left your mouth were good enough for me; but then you actually showed your love for me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I trusted you but your actions then took hold of my trust with a vice-grip and I don’t think I can be free of this bond now. Thank You for being there for me as I appreciate your love heartily.
  • [blockquote]Before you came into my life, I was sad, lonely and unhappy. You showed me life in all its different colours—you showed me what life was really all about. Thank you and I hope for such happiness for our future days.[/blockquote]
  • I used to be lonely and unappreciated in all walks of life. Then you came into my life and made me feel appreciated—made me feel loved. You shone like the full moon on my windowpane and made me realise you’d always be there for me. Thank you—thank you for all that you’ve meant and for all that we will mean to each other in the days to come.
  • The sun may be setting behind the gray askew lines of the horizon but it never sets on the devotion I have towards you. Wherever and however you may be, know that I’ll always love you and will appreciate all the love you have for me.