Appreciation messages can be sent not only to our best friends but also to our friends who we don’t really communicate much yet have affected in our life in a way that is unexpected. The type of friend that you want to send this to besides your best of friend is someone who has caused an impact in your life which he or she alone has the power to do so and, too, which helped you mold yourself into a better person. The changes that this special friend may have grant you the courage you thought you didn’t need or didn’t expect that would come from someone who is not at all close to you. If you continue reading this article, then an idea about composing an appreciation message might grow just out of nowhere.

This article offers free sample appreciation messages for friend that you owe something with, so don’t bother breaking a sweat for we certainly will get the the job done for you. All you have to do is simply pick which message you find below you think would grant this friend a special warmth of joy in his or her heart. Since these messages are for free you can definitely apply any changes if you think there is a necessity in doing so, especially if the cited circumstances greatly differs from both of your experiences. In so doing it is also important to carefully choose your choices of words because this will help your message become effective in delivering the message to the reader. The diction greatly helps in setting the tone just right. The tone of this message should be sincere, appreciative, and thankful. By reading these messages deliberately you can actually make a composition of your own for purposes of being unique.

This message can be sent via sms text messages, social media sites where you usually contact each other, or can be handwritten or printed in a form of letter. Whichever it is that fits your fancy.

  • Good day, (name of your friend), I sure hope you are enjoying your life to its fullest for you are the reason why I am currently living the best aspects of my life. You have helped me to see the positive things no matter how grave a situation is. Although we don’t really hang out that much, I really enjoy our conversations online and it would seem like you are my best friend in the cyber word. Anyway, I really appreciate your help to me when I was so depressed over things which others think is a mere joke. You never looked at it that way and sympathized with me without pushing you away. Breaking the walls I built around me has never been more gratifying for this helped me discover your existence and let you inside me unconsciously, though I used to fear it when others become close to me for this would only end up in my destruction or me destroying you. Apparently, the unpredictable has happened. Your existence alone was what fixes mine when I thought it was broken. You have helped me not only to survive but also to live. I thank you so much and I owe you an awful lot.


  • Imagining a life deprived with friendship was something that entered my apathetic mind, which never really bothered me for I never had any friends to start with. Not until I met you. I don’t usually label anyone with best friends because of a betrayal which happened so many years go, which still feels like a fresh, never-healing wound. I consider you as a close friend, though it was really hard for me to accept that I grew intimate of you and consider you as a “friend”, yet it was even harder to think about living all by myself, thus without you in my life for you are the only person in the world whom I appreciate alone. My silent calling for help was only heard by you, and tried as best I could to shun you away from me you have this way of coming back and not growing weary from my depressing way of ridding you away from my life. Possessing a courage such as yous truly is rare and I am grateful that you have shared this courage with me. This made me become inspired to not lose trust to everyone just because someone has betrayed it. You are the only person who unconsciously taught me that. Thank you so much for not giving up on me when I had given up on me a long time ago.


  • The good times in life are the ones that are shared by friends who listens more of your silence than the endless nagging and can distinguish if something is wrong just from catching a sight of a slight twitching of my face. I really appreciate it when some idiotic opinion is shared and you cover the twitching of my face by putting your hands in my head and intentionally play with my fair to distract my attention and for anyone not to notice my contempt. You are the only one who knows I don’t have the brain to tolerate idiosyncrasies and I’m grateful that it has to be you. No one but me will ever know how happy I am to be friends with you, although only hang out on rare occasions. Helping me get outside my misery was one thing I will never forget and I owe everything to you. I am now living everyday as if it were my last and this is all because of you. Thank you so much being the reason why living a depressing life has become tolerable.


  • Good morning, (name of your friend), what a blessed life do I have here in earth knowing that you are living in it with me. My honesty has taken most of my heart and it urges my entirety to tell you all the things I appreciate most about you. Well, there are really many things that I admire from you. Not that these things are written in books or elsewhere but there is something about it that comes out from you rather naturally. You see I have read many books which mentioned about that special someone, a special friend, whom the protagonist consults with in short and not very frequent visits should there be a trouble which is a story’s main conflict before it elevates to another level of complexity. You are that friend in my reality. Running out of reasons to live due to a constant purloining of young hope is already a good enough excuse to rid my life, yet you prove me wrong not because of convincing me into believing this is merely natural for humans to suffer. Instead you prove me that life is only a storm which will bring you down, that is if you do not listen and dance to its thunder’s rhythm. I adore you so much because of unintentionally planting the seeds of hope in me which no negative force in earth will dare steal it from me.  Thank you so much and may your life be filled with hope and endless.


  • Opening my eyes in the morning is no longer a heavy task for my heart had released a massive load of sadness knowing that another day means another day of chatting with you. Although our acquaintance was a treasure to the box of faint memories, I feel confident when it comes to chatting with you. This may sound very weird coming from a stranger in a way though not technically not, there are things in your I adore so much and even if these things can be found in someone else they wouldn’t be special anymore. They are only special because you possess them. This may sound very defensive but trust me it’s more of an honesty than defensive, I am not crushing on you. i just like you as a friend because of the sole reason that we have things we love in common, especially sadness, the thing we love most. Instead of being sad over our sadness we become very excited about it until the word sadness becomes voided with meaning. You make it seem like the growth of our interest over sadness made it disappear. I am now living the joyous scale of life and I thank you so much for that.


  • It comes with great risk to let anyone enter your life without getting thoughts about them as your sole destruction. The latter may be a thought not shared by everyone, but I know others out there have these kind of thinking. When you entered my life I was a bit hesitant to acknowledge everything about you for reasons that I might become intimate of you and who knows what the future may hold. You may probably perceive me as someone you can manipulate and, thus, use at your selfish vantage. I know it sounds crazy but that is how I at least consider everyone who becomes close to me. I just don’t want to be betrayed for this terrifies me to the core of my being. My nihilistic expectations from you fell apart when I witnessed awesome things you had done to strangers. I was filled with a profound sense of appreciation which I hid because I thought you only did that to show off. My views are really pessimistic and I’m so sorry that you have to up with me as your friend. The more time I spent with you only then I realized that you are passionate about helping others and how could anyone not admire you for that. Despite me being fed only with pessimism and cynicism you helped me see life in a kind optimistic view and I really like it. If it were not for you I would still be a grumpy looking man no matter how happy a situation is. I thank you so much for everything, but most of all I thank you so much for entering my life.


  • If I have a friend which deserves my appreciation it would only be you. You are the only one in my closest friends who I can freely, confidently open up with without feeling embarrassed anymore. I can still remember the day I first opened up my problem with you. I was drunk at that time yet I can clearly remember everything as if the event just happened yesterday. I was touched how you were such a great help in unloading all the feelings which caused my heart to feel very heavy and depressed. The though “perhaps I was only able to do it because of the courage that the alcohol” lingered in me but not for long. My realization was not late because I realized sooner that you are the type of person who people can share their problems with without telling them that everything is going to be fine or it’s okay because others have it hard in life. Instead you convinced me that it is okay not to be okay. I was not okay and I was okay about it because life is just a battle contentment which can be won with a contentment. Contentment is a choice. It took me some time to realize this but your presence helped me a whole lot in deliberately considering the thought. Thank you so much for granting me a happy and contented life which I am very much deserving.


  • There should be an appreciation day to be celebrated internationally so that sending you this message of appreciation would make a lot of sense. Not that this letter do not make sense because we don’t celebrate it I just want a celebration for our admiration to one of the most awesome friend I have– and that’s you. You may ask why you are the person who is worthy of my appreciation since I kept the answers all by myself. This may cheese you out for some truths hurt while some cheese you out. I really thought that my friends would help me each time I go through my worst days because that’s what I did when they were in their bad days. This sounds childish but I still think it’s unfair. You, although not my closest of friends, have continued to help me in times of my hardship and what’s there not to appreciate about you. Because of doing such things we became very close and am proud to consider as the best of my friends. The time where I adored your humanistic traits the most was when I was depressed and pushed you away from me because I thought that I was going to die and no one would bother rescuing me. I pushed you away when you wanted to save me, but no matter how hard I tried to push you away you never gave up on me and convinced me that I mean so much to the world and that everything pleasant in it deserves to be seen, tasted, and felt by me. That was the day that marked the end of my depression. In the battle of my own self you are the one who helped me in it and we came in victorious. Thank you so much, (name of your friend), I owe you my life.


  • A rough time shared with a friend becomes something of a drug that cheerful nihilists would want to get high on. We are both nihilists and this is what makes our friendship very special. When I thought I was the only one in the world who felt an unworldly kind of pain, my depression haunts me day and night which has killed me from the inside out. I knew you were special because you sensed that I was suffering from depression which others failed to see. I was scared of you of course because to you I was very transparent no matter how hard I tried to keep an expressionless face. Truth be told I, too, sensed your depression and wondered how sadder we’ll even become if I become friends with you. That didn’t turn out right for I became happy when we considered each other as friends. I know it sounds so crazy but maybe we suffered too much that someone out there decides just end this sadness we suffered and replace it with an unusual happiness– dark humors. This is the only thing that made us not pull the trigger, and through your existence I was able to see the beauty that lingers surreptitiously in the cloaks of sadness. I appreciate all the time that you spent with me for this saved me from the momentary damnation that is life.