Employees who have worked the hardest for the sole purpose of a companies prosperity deserves to be acknowledged and recognized to the whole for them to keep up the good work and boost their already boosted performances. Besides giving them a raise, appreciation messages can definitely cast a pleasant warmth in their hearts highlighting the tasks that they have excelled and reasons why the company has flourished because of them.

This article provides sample messages that you may want to write in a recognition card given to the deserving employees during a company event. However, if you perceive that there are some words and phrases as subject of change then you are at full liberty to change given that circumstances and title may differ.

  • Here is a card which represents the company’s recognition to your commitment to it. We, (name of the company), have admired the performance that you have shown to us. As the company’s top performer of the month, it is our most humble gift to give you two round trip tickets from (name of the location where the employee is residing) to (location where the company assigned), accommodation and fee have been paid. Thank you so much, and may you keep up the good work. Enjoy your vacation.
  • This certificate is rewarded to, (name of the employee), for being one of the greatest asset of this company. Your astounding performance throughout the whole year has greatly helped the growth of our company. This company takes pride in having the best employees that other company wishes to have. As a compensation for delivering your best, an increase of (amount that the company is willing to give) for your monthly salary shall be added in the nest release of pay going on wards.
  • This appreciation certificate is handed over to the top performer in the company. (name of the employee) has delivered the company’s promise and has lived by the mission, vision, and core values of the company. Your commitment to this company is never not noticed and are proud to declare to have you as part of this family. We are truly grateful for giving all that you have learned and apply it in this field. God bless and thrive for whatever it is you wish to happen.
  • This is a certificate of appreciation handed over to (name of the employee) for the whole company to recognize his or her outstanding performance. We look forward for the coming months and another good performance from you. We wish you all the luck and best for both personal and professional growth.
  • The company has had many achievements from the start, your exemplary performance have proven to us that the achievements do not stop. Thank you so much for doing your best and for committing yourself in delivering the company’s promises to its clients.
  • This appreciation card resembles the company’s gratitude to the individuals who have excelled in the daily tasks from the last two months. Rewards will be handed over to the individuals listed below by their team leaders during lunch time. Thank you so much for your exemplary performance and keep the good deed going.