Fathers are the people we look up to and deeply admire for their contribution to our well-being. They sweat their hearts out just to provide the best they can to their families. Let your father know how much you love him this coming Father’s Day by sending him a letter to appreciate the entirety of his being.

If you consider yourself as one of the persons who find it awkward to send your best regards to your father this coming Father’s Day, then the sample messages you find below may just help you out in getting the job done. These messages may be sent through or you may print this out and make a card.


  • To the best daddy in the whole wide world, I would like to let you know that I have been truly grateful to be a part of your life. Were it not for you, I would never have gotten back on my feet when I first stumbled through the relentlessness in life. We may have a little amount of time to spend together now that I’m grown up and you’re busy with your work. Even so, I would like to remind you about awesome you are as a father. I am very happy and proud to let the world know that I am a living product of your greatness.


  • Good morning, dad! Before you go ahead with your work, take a sip from your cup of coffee. I would like to thank you for all the gifts you have give to mom and us, your children. In an imperfect world, having a dad like you makes it easy for us to breeze through life. for you are the one whom we look up to when everything else falls apart. You have given me strength and courage from the day I took my first breath. I only hope to become half the man that you are. Happy Father’s Day!


  • One could only wish to be half the father you are, dad. Mom has made the wisest decision when she chose you to be her partner in life. Through this card, I would like to declare the depths of my love for you and whatever it is that I do I will always try my best to make you proud just like you have made me the proudest child on earth.


  • Hello, daddy, I wish you all the best in your work and tasks. I am forever grateful for all that you have done to our family and rest assured, dad, that your efforts never go unappreciated and will never be wasted for I am doing my est as well so that in the near future I may pay you back with whatever I can.


  • The struggle of working abroad is really terrible, dad, because I am badly missing you each day. But, I know it’s for the best of our family and I am really thankful for all that you have provided our family. You have proven that love is strong enough despite the distance that stands between us.


  • To the best dad whom this family prides the most, we would like to express our gratitude to you. If there is an award for being the greatest father in this universe you’d win it beyond any doubt. Happy Father’s day, dad. Enjoy your day!