Expression of love is a vital ingredient of the entire act of being in love. From something as simple as a stolen glance or a soft smile to something as artistic as a poem or painting to something as wild as slitting wrists, lovers all over the world, no matter what the time or age, have expressed their love and appreciation for their beloved in various ways.

In the digital age, where a simple SMS can suffice, why go into the trouble of adopting more grandiose modes of expression? That said, not everyone can come up with flattering poems or messages for his/her lover. Here are some sample romantic appreciation text messages.

Sample Romantic Appreciation Text Messages

  • [blockquote]When we started seeing each other, I hardly knew that you would turn my world into a paradise – loving, nurturing and caring for me all the time. Today I express my happiness, gratitude and also immense appreciation for all the love and concern you showed.[/blockquote]
  • Holding your hands made me realize that I have the biggest support to fight the world against all evils, I do care for you, but your love and affection for me taught the real meaning of life to me, [blockquote]Thank you for making me understand the priceless possession I have – it’s you my dear![/blockquote]
  • You live within the deepest rooms of my heart and every morning you open all the windows to let the entire sunshine enter my life and glorify with the best things that has happened to me, ever since you came to me. Your love and care is nothing but my life giving agent and I appreciate your love and feeling that you have bestowed on me for the past few years.
  • I dream of living together with you for the entire life, not only because you love me, but because I just cannot breathe without you. You have become my addiction and it’s your love to be blamed! Thank You for loving me so much that goes beyond imagination.
  • [blockquote]When I saw you the first day, I felt something special, but I never realized that this girl can change my life upside down. Yes darling, you made me understand how to live a happy, peaceful and satisfied life with just one single necessity – LOVE. Thank you for loving me so much that taught me the worth of living![/blockquote]
  • My feelings for you is timeless, but what you have given me for the past few years cannot be described in phrases, the unending dedication, faith and trust have all mingled together to make my life the most lovable and adorable one! Thank You for being with me!