While you are in a relationship, do not take your loved one for granted. Expressing love is a vital component in a relationship and only through the healthy exhibition of love and caring, can the intimacy blossom between two lovers.

You should always learn to acknowledge and appreciate the other person’s dedication, commitment and passion that he/she puts into the relationship and keeping that in mind, a small token of appreciation, through a simple note or a SMS would certainly cause no harm. Here are a few samples of sweet love appreciation text messages that might be useful to you in this regard.

Sample Sweet Love Appreciation Text Messages

  • Blessed is he who has loved. But one who has his seat beside God is who has loved you. I am more than fortunate and happy to have you in my life. May we go on to live a beautiful life together.
  • No one is capable of what do, day in day out – that is, tolerate me, take my tantrums, pacify me when I go about raving like a lunatic, understand my bipolar self, always stick by my side and love me unconditionally. I have no idea how to repay you to be very honest but for starters, here’s a small message that I just felt I should send to you, right now, right at this moment. Love.
  • [blockquote]In my heart, you reside
    and perhaps that is why it aches
    when we are not together
    my glass soul breaks
    thinking about you, pining for you[/blockquote]
    I scratch the surface of the skies
    to see a glimpse of you face
    my entire being perishes and dies.
  • Like diamonds in the sky we are, two lone stars who can’t live without each other. I without you and you without me. We have stuck together for seven straight years. Thank you always being there for me. I couldn’t have made it without you.
  • When I saw you the first time, I couldn’t touch you.
    When I touched you the first time, I couldn’t kiss you
    When I kissed you the first time, I couldn’t love you.
    When I have finally fallen in love with you, I can’t love you.
  • [blockquote]If love is a tower, then you are its queen
    If I am the shoreline, then you be the sea
    If you let go of my mind and stop loving me,
    rest assured, I’ll cease to be, I’ll cease to be.[/blockquote]