Christmas Eve masses to boss are sent by the employees to express the respect and affection in their heart and to send the best wishes for the Christmas Eve.

Sample Christmas Eve Messages to Boss:

  • Some people just know how to bring the best qualities out of others! You are one of them. Thank you so much for you kind help and support. Wishing you success, happiness and prosperity in the future on the holy occasion of this Christmas Eve!
  • [blockquote]One machine can operates the work of hundred ordinary employees, but no machine can do the work of an extra ordinary man! Wishing you a merry Christmas Eve dear boss!!![/blockquote]
  • Dear Boss! May the occasion of this Christmas bless you with good health, happiness and tons of success! Wishing you a merry Christmas Eve!
  • You are the best boss I ever worked with and the season of this Christmas is the perfect occasion to thank you for your kind guidance! May the Lord shower success and golden chances on you! Wishing you a very happy Christmas Eve!
  • Your vision, inspiration, guidance and leadership make you the best Boss and a good human being! Your influence helps me to complete impossible targets complete. I pray that the juncture of the Christmas bless you with joy& laughter and with good growth! Have a Happy Christmas Eve Sir!
  • It is an honour working with you under your wings! May your kindness and support lighten the path of all of employees! Wishing you a cheerful Christmas Eve and wonderful year ahead!¬† May God bless you!
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