All messages which are written so as to convey one’s good wishes on the occasion of Christmas Eve are  known as Christmas Eve wishes messages.

Christmas Eve wishes messages must be self written so as to make them sound genuine and heartfelt. There can be many different kinds of Christmas Eve wishes messages.

The following are few examples of Christmas Eve wishes messages for your reference purpose.

Sample Christmas Eve Wishes Messages:

  •  [blockquote]Christmas Eve brings with itself a hope for a better future. May this Christmas Eve be special for you and come with a promise of a brighter tomorrow for you. God bless [/blockquote]
  •  May God bless you and your family on the eve of Christmas and may you have a superb new year.
  •  The lord loves you and will never let you down. Have a merry Christmas and a great new year ahead.
  •  We wish you a merry Christmas and a superb and prosperous new year.
  •  May Lord shower his blessings on you and your family on the occasion of the Eve of Christmas.
  •  [blockquote]Smile as its Christmas Eve and the lord is here to bring you happiness and joy. Merry Christmas.[/blockquote]
  •  Wishing you and your family a very happy and merry Christmas.