Condolence messages for sister are the messages that are sent to a person who has lost his or her sister. These are the sympathetic and thoughtful messages that a sender sends to a person to pay his sympathies and condolences to the reader.

Such messages are written with the immense feelings of love, care, concern and worries for the person who has lost his or her dearest sister.

Sample Condolence Messages for Sister

  • I was utterly distressed when I got to hear the sudden demise of your beloved sister. She was a girl with charming personality and such a great vigour. May her soul rest in peace. Please accept my sincerest condolences and sympathies.
  • I cannot express the sadness that I carry in my heart for such an untimely demise of your lovely sister. She was an angel in disguise and a girl with so many beautiful surprises. Please take this comfort in knowing that we are standing by your side for any kind of assistance that you may need.
  • [blockquote]The sudden demise of your sister has left me speechless. Her bereavement has filled our heart with so much sadness. May her memories comfort you in the finest way. Accept our sympathies and condolences.[/blockquote]