Condolence messages are the sympathetic messages that are sent at the time of loss of someone to comfort the pain of the family members and friends.

Standard condolence messages are such messages that are the standard or the benchmark condolence messages.

These messages are framed in a professional manner and are sent without any customization or alterations.

Sample Standard Condolence Messages

  • ¬†All I can really say at this moment of your loss is try to be calm and strong. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, now and forever. Please do not hesitate to call us for any kind of helps that you may need. Take care!
  • I must say that it would be very difficult for you to see what is beyond sorrow at the time of loss of your mother, but you have to act mature and stay stronger. Look back the memories and cherish the time that you spent with her. Take care of you and your little brother. You are always remembered in our thoughts and prayers.
  • May the memories and the love of the bereaved comfort you in some finest way. I cannot express the sorrow that I carry on the loss of your beloved sister, today! Just know that you will always remain very close to our heart in our thoughts and prayers. Take care and stay stronger!