Losing a best friend is like witnessing a destruction of a world before your eyes in slow motion. Sending a condolence message to someone who has lost their best friend may not fill the gap of a gaping hole the individual ‘s heart but a little sympathy can help alleviate the pain. Condolence messages may serve as a helping hand for those whose hearts are encumbered with great sorrow.

This article is can be beneficial for those who wish to send condolence messages to who suffer a loss of a best friend. If you wish to changes some words or phrases then you are free to do such act so that the readers will sense the sincerity from the letter itself. This type of message can be sent via sms messages, social media sites, or by letter. These messages you see below can be used without any cost.

  •  It is with deepest regret to witness your devastation over the loss of your best friend. I can relate to this grief of yours for I have been in the same circumstance before and I would want you to know that nothing in this world could ever fill the gap of such a loss. We can only deviate our minds into making them busy until the pain is forgotten. My thoughts are on his family and you.


  • No one saw the coming of this grim circumstance. For a man so full of life and great deeds, losing him sure is hard like losing the world has lost its sun forever. If I could only offer you my heart to share the pain you are suffering, for I know well that your heart can no longer bear the pain, I gladly would. My prayers are for her family and you, her best of friends.


  • I have watched many a heart breaking movie but seeing you running out of tears over the loss of your best friend breaks my hart the most. The hurting you are afflicted now is very palpable in this gloomy ambiance. I know how it feels to lose someone very special who meant the world to us and I really want to help you with get through that hellish state you are in. My condolences to the family and to you.


  • Watching a person in one his greatest despair is enough for the hearts made of steel to be dented. My heart shed its tears for the loss of your best buddy. Let me share a part of this loss and act as the shoulder whom you can lean on. Please allow myself to act as your shield in your vulnerable state. If there is a way or two to ease this great pain please tell me what they are so I can be of help now in the stead of your best friend. My condolences to the hurting hearts.


  • Hello, John, I have felt before what you are now feeling and the hurting doesn’t stop at all, rather we only get use to this pain until our heart numb from it. May your memories together be preserved in the ravage of time. I offer my sincerest condolences to the family and others who share this absolute grief.


  • It is natural for you to grieve today and rejoice tomorrow for God has finally have him in his keeping. The sudden demise of your best friend has shocked us all. May everyone recover fast for (name of the demised) wouldn’t allow us to grieve too much as he watches over us from the heavens above. My condolences to the family and the best friend.