Emotional good luck messages are weaved with affection, warmth and emotion that feels the situation of the recipient and conveys the best wishes and luck to the person. Any upcoming venture involves a psychological attachment and a well thought emotional good luck message will not only motivate the recipient but also create a special bondage with the sender. Here are some well thought emotional good luck messages that will help you to brighten up the day of the recipient.

Sample Emotional Good Luck Messages

  • Your perseverance and dedication to set up this business reminds me of your father who managed his business with prestige and triumphed over all the competitors in the market. Good luck to you for the same victory!
  • Your mom had seen many difficult days and today you stand as her appropriate son. We are so happy to see the smile on your parents face despite such harsh realities. Good luck for your first interview!
  • The pregnancy was a painful one, but you fought it bravely! Now it’s time for happy motherhood. Just relax and have faith! Good luck for your delivery!
  • We just could not believe that you educated your son in such perfect lines and today he stood up as a competent doctor despite this poverty! Happy for you and good luck to him for his future!
  • When we just got married, we hardly had any possessions but today after 10 years you have left me happy, fulfilled and satisfied in all aspects. Now, it’s a new job again, good luck!
  • I was so alone when your father left us so suddenly; but over the years you proved to be my support and my guardian. Today it seems you are my mother…good luck for your new life, stay blessed in your marriage!
  • Good luck for all the exams ahead; I have seen you study every hour for the last 2 years just to get through this entrance as it means a decent and better living for your family. Just give your best shot and be optimistic!
  • Good luck my little brother, I know this job means the ‘world’ to you. How much you wanted this break…I’m sure the authorities will recognise your skills.
  • Life brought too many twists and turns for you, your family have always been your biggest support in those times. Today they need you, go ahead and offer your best, good luck.
  • I will miss you from the core of my heart; I have never stayed without you since we got married; is it not possible that I go along? However, good luck for the business trip.