First day of school good luck messages are dedicated both to students, teachers, and other employees and employers in a school setting which are sent to that they will all be having a pleasant start in a school year knowing something unpleasant circumstances may rise in the middle of the school year or up until the end of it, at least a pleasant start will birth hope even to those who are nervous. If your child or your friend’s first day of school is happening soon then you might want to continue reading this article to let their spirits become inspired in learning.

Sample messages of first day of school good luck messages for students are offered in this article for free which you may use at your leisure. If you see it is necessary to apply some changes in the sample messages you can do that since we recommend our readers to change the words and phrases for the cases may differ. That said, it is important that the words you choose gives encouragement and inspiration for you to set the tone correctly. If your have this desire to compose your very own, then reading the messages you will find below can be helpful so that you will have an idea as to what to write in your message.  This message can be sent via sms text messages, social media accounts, or uttered by mouth.

  • Hello, son, today marks the first day of your school and I wish you all the luck in the world. I know you will behave well for you are very disciplined when it comes to school matters. Anyway, I am still wishing you luck even if you don’t need this because I just want to make sure you’ll do great, especially when I’m not around to witness your awesomeness.


  • Good morning, buddy, our summer was definitely great, although short. I heard that you will be going back to school now. I wish summer lasts longer than we desire so that we can still enjoy some great time together. Well, there is nothing that we can do about it now, so I wish you the best of luck on your first day of school. Please visit us some time if you have the chance over the weekend so that we may relive some summer moments or create new ones.


  • As your very good friend I feel like impeding your going to school because I know i’s going to wreck your pathetic brain knowing you well enough that your brain cracks just by reading a problem in your text books. I don’t feel like being your superhero now so go and do your brain harm. The luck I would want to wish for you is that your brain be fortified from all the lessons. Good luck for your first day at hell.


  • Dear daughter, you seem to be radiating with excitement mixed with nervousness for your first day at school. Looking at you reminds me of my school days. I know what you are feeling right now so please drop the worry from not being liked or acknowledged by the famous and pretty girls in your school for you need only you and some friends to make the school year worth remembering. I wish you all the luck in making new friends and impressing your teachers without trying.


  • Seeing you packing your stuff for school just makes me laugh because, as your dad, I have observed this since you were in first grade and this only happens in the first month of school then you’ll eventually get tired of making your school stuff tidy. Surely, this is a sight to behold that your mother would enjoy, too, if she were around. You have a good luck in our first day of school tomorrow, my precious daughter.


  • I am so excited that my youngest boy is finally attending school looking adorable and all like his pops. I wish you the best of luck for tomorrow son. I know that every teacher in the nursery school will have an uncontrollable desire to pinch your chubby cheeks, but you don’t have to worry about that because that comes natural in our blood. Listen attentively to your teacher, my son, so that daddy will treat you ice cream once school is over.