Funny good luck messages for exams are the funny and the humorous messages that are sent to a person or a student who is appearing for an examination. The messages are framed in a comical tone so as to ease the burden that a person may be carrying on account of his or her upcoming exam. Such messages deliver sender’s good luck wishes and all the best thoughts to the reader for doing well in his or her exam.

Sample Funny Good  Luck Messages for Exams

  • Our teachers say that the class is not a place to sleep. I wish I could tell them that if this is the case then our home is obviously not a place to study. Just kidding, I hope you are prepared well for your examinations. Good luck!

[blockquote]If you really want your parents to buy you a heavily priced phone, if you want them to stop nagging and advising you throughout the year, the only solution is to perform well in your examinations. By earning good score, you can earn a good phone. Just kidding, all the best for your examination.[/blockquote]

  • Examinations can be best compared to ex-boyfriend and ex- girlfriend. It’s like both of these harass late at nights, turn our lives upside down and then cut you off from the world. All the very best and try to get over with it as soon as possible. Good luck.
  • We all know that these examinations are not just a test of our mental ability; it is a real test of a student’s patience, anger and fear. Just kidding, all the best and do well.
  • I really know why you are acting so fearful and nervous before your exams. All you want is my attention, pamper and care. Do not search for the excuses, good luck and do well.
  • Getting a good score in an examinations and showing your report cards to your parents is as important for the students as it is to breathe. Study well and good luck for your exam.
  • I am sure that you must be surrounded with intelligent people in your examination hall. Leave studies and concentrate on the answer sheet of others. Just kidding good luck for your examination.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I wish you good luck for an examination in which I know you are going to top from the bottom. Good luck.