When a person appears for an interview, he or she experiences an obvious feeling of nervousness and anxiety. Friends and family members send a good luck wish to him or her for performing well in an interview. When these good luck messages are sent and framed in a funny and humorous manner, these messages are then called as funny good luck messages for interview. The purpose behind sending such message is to comfort, encourage and entertain the person who is going to appear for an interview.

Sample Funny Good Luck Messages for Interviews

  • I hope that you are not going to embarrass yourself amongst the bunch of high-tech interviewers. Good luck for your job interview.
  • We all know that you are going to appear for the most important interview of your life. We would like to wish you all the best and we hope that you won’t get flattered by your beautiful interviewers, if any. Concentrate and do your best. All the best!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Tomorrow will be a judgement day for you. When your interviewer fires you with questions, keep on speaking, no matter if it is untrue. We know you are going to clear through. All the best to you.[/notice]

  • Dear friend, humour always works in the professional field. Since you are going to face a big interview tomorrow, I would like to wish you good luck for the same. Show your true colours and entertain your interviewers as much as you can. Forget that you don’t have to laugh on your own jokes. Just kidding, all the best.
  • Dear Sam, if you are unaware of any question during your interview, just start talking off field and let the interview continue. Speak more than your interviewers and I am sure that you are going to turn your dreams true. All the best!
  • Since I am messaging to wish you good luck for your interview, it simply means I am wishing you luck for shitting your pants in public. Just kidding, perform with great confidence. All the best!

[blockquote]I am sure you must never have remembered GOD the way you are remembering Him today. Just kidding, I am sending my good luck wishes on your way. All the best for your interview, follow your dreams.[/blockquote]

It is the time to do something that you have never done. Fold your hands and remember GOD. Good luck for your interview