During the critical times of someone’s exams it is always good to extend your best wishes and good luck advances to them. The good luck card messages for exams are a good way to go about extending one’s wishes. All that the sender needs to do is get an appropriate card for and fill it up with the best wishes and the messages that they want to be conveyed to him/ her. The messages are very easy to frame once the sender has decided a tone (i.e. funny, smart, straightforward etc.) for the message. A few example messages are listed below.

Sample Good Luck Card Messages for Exams

  • Hey James, I hope that you are all set for the upcoming exams. I am pretty sure that you will do great in all the exams and will pass with flying colours. Anyways man, all best and good luck.
  • Dear Liana, I know you have been working really hard for you upcoming exams. You have been a really good girl and I want to wish my little princess all the very best for here exams. Good luck baby, daddy will be home soon.
  • It is said that the result of anything and everything is directly related to the hard work we put in and somehow proportional to our luck. I am sending for you all the good luck in the world and the rest lays on you. Work hard dear friend, all the best.
  • I hope you have read your part, learned your lessons and done with all the exam preparations, for the exams have finally arrived. Good luck for the exams and the pending result after that.
  • On the way to getting the education you want or the one that you need, you may meet with many obstacles but you must be brave and surpass them all with your hard work and dedication. Good luck for the exams.
  • The geniuses like you may not need anything besides their hard work, their brains, their intellect and the dedication aspirations. But a little good luck and a few wishes never harm anyone. All the best for the exams sweet peas.
  • Let’s go out on a vacation as soon as your exams are over, for who knows what happens post the results, considering your track records any post result fun is very doubtful. Well jokes apart, good luck little brother for the exams, go rock them.