In times of great anxiety, major exams, we feel the struggle of our friends for they tend to fumble with whatever it is they are fumbling for. We may find these these moments funny for they set their mood which is only summoned during major exams, but still we wish them the best of luck. If that time has come then you may want to be creative in composing good luck messages to help your friend alleviate the stress from possible post exam results. This may not help increase their grades, but it sure does calm them before filling up the answer sheets.

This article can help you in composing your very own good luck messages by adding some words or phrases in the sample good luck messages below. Before sending these messages via text messaging, various social media sites, or through cards, it is important to be wary in setting the perfect tone for you to deliver the effectiveness of these.

  • I didn’t get enough sleep last night because of your endless scholastic mantra and leaving the lights on. I still wish you the best of luck, even though you’re the major reason about me not hitting the right tune in my mini concert happening later on.
  • Hello, Nancy, I know you have burned your eyebrows yesterday for today is your examination day. May you ace all the subjects and finish all of your tests twenty or fifteen minutes before the papers are submitted for you to have some time reviewing your answer. Good luck and godspeed.
  • Good morning, brother, I noticed you last night finally reading the text books. I was actually more shocked than happy that I forced myself not to invite you with spending some time with me over xbox. I hope you you remember all you read last night and may the results of the exams be favorable. God bless!
  • My dearest Althea, your father may be far away from home but I hope you get this message before you take your exams. I really want to be there to cheer for you so it may help alleviate the growing anxiety inside you. I know fully well that you can do it yourself for you have been he brightest kid in the class since you were young. My confidence runs high about you getting the answers right for your desires to be fulfilled in being able to study in the halls of the university you’re taking the entrance exam with. We may be far away but I hope you receive this good luck message faster than the speed of light.
  • I know you’re going to pass your final examinations tomorrow knowing fully well about the capacity of that brain of yours. Even if you don’t study, which is not a shocking fact, the results of your quizzes we’ve taken this year got straight A’s, and you were with us all along savoring the late teenage life not minding our academics. I am still wishing you the best of luck just for the sake of it, so good luck!