New job is a matter of excitement, apprehensions, fear and also tension to some extent. Friends, family and well wishes can help the person gear up for a new beginning with some thoughtful and motivational words. New job good luck messages are well chosen words for the recipient so that his first day at new office remains positive in every aspect. Here are some samples on how such messages should be written and encouraged the person for a new phase.

Sample New Job Good Luck Messages

  • Heard of your new job, we all knew you have the capability to grab the best one in town. Good luck and conquer all you see!
  • This is not just a new job for you but the first hands-on experience in the field after your internship. May you get all the strength and passion to show the best virtues in your professional life! Good luck!
  • Here we come to wish you all the best for the new job; you just got another chance to show what you can do for your organisation. I’m sure they will be proud of you as we are!
  • There are many jobs out there, but when you are chosen for the most prestigious post, gear up and give the best shot and become the most prized possession for your company. Good luck!
  • We wish you all the best for the new job and earnestly wish you to prosper and earn success with all the assignments that come your way.
  • The news of your new job reached us just now and we are coming this weekend for a grand treat so just don’t flee anywhere! Good luck my dear friend, we knew you deserve the best!
  • You dedication and hard work never goes unnoticed anywhere and thus you achieve this high profile job in such tender age. We are so proud of you my son. Good luck for the new job!
  • New job, new people, new challenges and new desk; what more can be asked for right now? We are so happy at your achievement, good luck!
  • You were the topper of the university which logically proves that you would grab the best job – it’s the first time and new one, so give your best inputs and win over your seniors! Good luck.
  • May this new job give you the work satisfaction that you have been looking for; the profile is just what you wanted so bang on with success in every step. We have faith in you! Good luck!