Wishing you good luck messages can be conveyed during any occasion where the recipient is addressed and greeted with motivational words. Success is a very variable term and depends how one perceives it, but good luck messages before any venture from well wishes can bring the instant air of success and confidence in the recipient. Here are few good samples for good luck messages that can be forwarded during a variety of occasions.

Sample Wishing You Good Luck Messages

  • We wish you good luck for a happy married life. For a beautiful life ahead accept your partner the way she is and learn the new dimensions of happiness.
  • New home and new car – what more is needed for a picture perfect life! We are so happy at your success and wish you good luck for your future endeavours.
  • Heard that you joined a new company, this news calls for a treat. Good luck my friend and bestow your most capable shots to make the people awestruck!
  • Good luck for the new life of parenthood ahead; may the little bundle of joy bring seamless happiness and satisfaction your lives!
  • The examination is knocking at the door and I have seen you work for it day and night – now it’s time to concentrate on all the knowledge you have soaked it all through the year. Wishing you good luck and give your best shot!
  • The interview will not only go well, but it’s only you for whom this job was waiting. Trust me; you will crack it with confidence! Wishing you my heartiest good luck!
  • Its testing time my friend; don’t give up or lose hope. Just revise the presentation and go hit the screen. Wishing you good luck for the same!
  • Wishing you good luck for the labour hours…it’s just few hours of pain and then the sweetest feeling of motherhood is yet to adorn your heart and soul.
  • It’s a new continent and your first time when you will be living in a new city all alone. Wishing you good luck for the foreign exchange programme; learn all the good things from new people and enrich yourself!
  • I have been tensed more than you for these entrance exams but today seeing your confidence I’m sure you will come up with flying colours my son. Wishing you good luck for the most important exam of your life!
  • New home, new parents and above all a new person to spend the entire life with – nothing to worry, everyone will fall in love with your cheerful and merry nature. Wishing you good luck for the new phase of life.