I like you messages can be sent to anyone you like or if you think there is a growing infatuation with someone who you fantasize romantically when you feel the desperation of being with the person you are crushing on. This type of  message can be sent in a surreptitious way or in a way the flaunts your bravado to show how courageous (or foolish) you are to that special person. If this cited situation best defines your situation, then there’s no need to deny it and let that person know how you feel for him or her for you might just get the love you’ve been fantasizing forever, or get your heart broken like never before.

This article would like to help you sincerely reveal the feelings you’ve been dying to tell your crush by offering sample I like you message for free. Spilling the beans sure is tough but that is the only way of telling how dear your crush is to you and what a world of bore would it be if he or she were not in it. You need only pick one of the I like you messages you can find below that you think best fits your situation and emotion so that the truth in your sincerity can be sensed by the reader. If you deem the necessity in applying changes in the messages you will find below, then you may do that at your liberty’s risk since these messages are offered for free. In fact there is an advantage in changing the words, phrases, and sentences you can find to make the message sound a lot like you and, thus, the reader will admire you for not faking a thing out.

Although we suggest some changes in the messages, you should be very careful when it comes to doing so because words set the tone just right. The tone of the message should be sincere, affectionate, and loving– don’t make everything sound seem so desperate. This type of message can be sent through sms text messages, social media sites, or through a letter if you want to remain your anonymity.

  • The night before the first day of school was the one I dreaded the most for the fun ends just right there. I hoped that school will be suspended just for a year because and that this school year would be an extension for summer. I know the latter merely is a wishful thinking but I wished for it anyway and, as expected, it was another wish not granted. I entered the school gate and vied my way in for the excited who students who think school is fun until they’ll get a good scolding from their advisers. As I vied my way through the ocean of puberty scented pretentious young adults, I caught a glimpse of you and wished I could vie my way in your heart. The cliche love at first sight was something I thought lived only in fairy tales from desperate fancies of hopeless romantic writers. I couldn’t sleep that night and endlessly wonder if you are doing alright or not, have you taken your dinner, did you like your dinner? These were the thoughts that entered my mind when I thought of you. At first I laughed at myself for this petty thought, but the more I think about it it only shows that I care deeply about the stranger who doesn’t even know I exist. Well, I like you and I think you ought to know that. With love, an admirer.


  • I know that you are not expecting a softer side of me for I always put up a strong facade just for anyone to think that mere threats never shakes me. Well, they don’t actually scare me at all, yet there is this soft side in me which I think you should know for this involves you. I like you a lot and you don’t have to like me back for liking you. I kept this to myself for long because of fears that you may become distant just because I like you. This leads me to such an assumption because this had happened to me in a previous affair and never want it to happen again, yet I am telling you this. With all honesty, there is just something about you that I find very unique even if you do the things other people do. Maybe I find it unique because no one does them like you do, or maybe because it’s you who do those things and they become something special, to me that is. Please do me the biggest favor by treating me still as one of your closest friend and not let things become awkward which I know would be quite hard because I was not that very strict in taming my  heart than I was with taming my mind. I hope you are the exact opposite of that.


  • Love songs to me used to be something that I sang to without really understanding the lyrics but I memorize the lyrics anyway for setting the song on repeat because of the beat that charms my ears. I never really thought that someday I’d imagine some romantic scenes in them because I admired my heart for just fooling around and not being fully attached to someone. Yet here I am writing you this because I have grown a liking of you. I know that love songs invites feelings of hopeful fancies and, yes, I am happy with my romantic thoughts between you and I, but each time when the ending of a love song is nearing it saddens me greatly as if I have been awakened from my train of reveries. Cheesing you out is not my intention, nor is creeping you out. I only want to tell you this because as much as possible I want to be honest with you, and I already know that you only like me as a friend for you are so in love with your boyfriend. I can only wish I were him so that I can eye on your laughter and smile as closer as he can; to feel your warmth as we lay in an awkward intertwining of our arms; or to hear the calm beating of your heart as the world falls asleep. I like you this much, and I hope reality could keep up with  my fantasies.


  • Liking someone who knows not a thing about you besides your physical appearance sure is something you don’t want to live on. I mean as much as I would want to be honest with you each time I get the chance to talk to you I always try my best to compose myself and not panic as I chant my prayers in silence hoping not to collapse from the innocence in your eyes that cuts deep in my heart. I know that it’s so unladylike of me to tell you this or stereotypical but I just want to tell you what the whole of my heart wants to tell you. Blame the whole of my heart and not the whole of my existence for growing a fondness to the whole of your existence. I know what a risk sending you such a message is but I’d do it anyway because all I need to know is if you like me or not so that I can sleep soundly at night, satisfied from an answer of a question which deprived me of sleep every night. A simple no or yes will kiss my insomnia away so please tell me if you like me or not so I can enjoy the beauty rest that I am truly deserving.


  • For a pessimist like me, i never imagined that I will be imagining something beautiful in this life like love and all the butterflies that tickles the stomach from the sight of a beautiful soul. I mean this is not a love at first sight kind of feeling for we attended classes since forever yet there was one time where my attention was focused on you and I don’t know what I was doing, let alone staring at you like you were a transfer student who has violated one of the schools venerated rules, which is quite my thing. From that day onward, I never skipped any course and made sure I studied so that I don’t appear stupid in front of you. We both know that I have quite the reputation for being the stupidest and laziest student in class, but that has changed recently. You inspired me to become better of myself because I like you and I am hoping that doing these kind of things will make you like me. I know this is pathetic of me to send you a letter since we are living in the age of technology, but there is something about writing in a piece of paper that marks the sincerity of person for you will know what a hard time it truly was to compose the letter judging from the penmanship. Well my letters seem to be quite shaky, but that’s because I am afraid of being vulnerable yet I know telling you this is totally worth being vulnerable.


  • “Who would have thought that finding the love of your life would be as simple as opening the blinds in a fine Saturday morning?” I remember telling myself this the first time I saw you when I was still in my undies with a hair that Satan passionately brushed, and bags under the eyes still heavy of forgotten sins from the Friday night out. I admire you superficially and know it’s pathetic to assume that the Saturday incident was love at first sight. The night you were invited in the house by my family because my mom want to welcome you and your family, as new neighbors and, too, want to make you feel that the neighborhood is safe and if a robbery ever happens in your flat then we won’t be the suspects for that, I got the chance to steal glances from you which I think you caught me red handed in doing the act. You said something stupid in front of everyone that nobody knew the reference and I was the only one laughing at it, and your mom asked “well, what do you think of my daughter,” as she rolled her eyes in disappointment and embarrassment. I shook my head and smile as I said I think she’s a lot like my future girlfriend. I know it was more stupid than admiringly bold, but I wore my heart out. I think it was like at first sight, and love at first laughter.


  • I want to tell you that I have been in pained for liking you so much even though I am aware that you have a girlfriend and that I will just always be a friend to you. Trust me I did my best to contain my emotions and not fall from the charms that naturally oozes from you. There are just things that are beyond my control even if have been considered as control freak by everyone. I really like you and I know that being loyal to my feelings would only betray the friendship we share and that is the only thing that I am going to save. Please understand if there are times where I can’t go with you because I am trying my best to prevent this still growing liking I have for you from continuing to grow. How I hope everything would be easy as convincing myself not to love you so that the pain in my chest would just disappear. I apologize for accidentally liking you in a way deemed impossible by the sane people. I hope you will forgive me for unintentionally like you, and also we’ll stay friends and just disregard my feelings for you. I just hate myself so much for liking you so much.


  • I am really fond of one sided love stories that I feed myself from its tragedy. It makes me think of what the reasons are that made writers wrote overwrought unrequited love, yet I think I am about to find the reasons personally this time. I like you and I refuse to deny my feelings for you even though I have already imagined the thousand ways of how this could up tragically. I’m ready to be disappointed but if the feeling is mutual then I hope we will last in this lifetime. You see I am just really confused about the things I want to imagine and things I want to happen. I want to imagine that the feeling is not mutual to feed my longing for the answers about the existence of unrequited love, yet I want the feelings to be mutual because everyone wants to love and be loved by a person no matter the consequences and conditions. From my weirdness and my assumed standards that you have I think the chances of us wanting to both happen is very slight, but still I want to hear if you, too, like me in a way that a lover likes a partner.


  • The mystery that is the human mind strikes me with awe for there no human mind can ever fathom it. What I’m trying to say is that I am starting to like you and am looking for reasons why I like you, although there are many reasons to like about you, these reasons does not suffice the explanation about why I like you so much. I could write you a book just by looking into emotions palpable in your eyes and, thus, put Mr. Victor Hugo in shame. I know it’s crazy to read such a letter from an anonymous person and pause for a moment to check if the sender happens to be in your line of sight and then continue to read again. Well, i’ll be dropping careful hints to let you know who I am in the near future, but let me at least tell you why I am so crazy about you and yet remain a straight face when you talk to me. Yes, you talked to me once and to you that was just something very insignificant, yet to me I thought that the gods had granted me my wish out of pity from the desperation they hear in my prayers of wanting to talk to you. I like you to the extremities of affection and I want nothing more than to hear you talk about even the most insignificant topic that comes out of your mouth. But the thing I fancy most doing is watching you talk of your dreams and let yourself bathe in the light of moon, and muster all my courage to slowly, steadily plant a kiss in on your lips and let mine linger in yours until you like me.