I like you messages can be sent to your crush if you feel like you are already brave enough to express what your heart desires to tell the person you are crushing on. This can be really cheesy but if you feel like you are on the verge of exploding from containing what you are feeling then you might want to continue reading the sample messages below to welcome opportunities of ways to open up to your crush in the form of a message.

Samples of sincere I like you messages are offered in this article for free to calm your heart down and muster the courage that you are in dire need of. Simply choose which one of the sample messages you find below sounds fitting enough for you. If ever you see the necessity in applying changes in words, phrases, and sentences you may certainly do that. In fact we suggest you add some sentences or apply these changes so that yourself will manifest in the letter and the reader will know that you are really sincere about it. Should you apply the changes it is important for you to take note about choosing the appropriate words for you not to mess everything up. The diction is very much important for you to set the tone perfectly. The tone for this type of message should be filled with affection, sincerity, and must not have any traces of desperation. These messages, if courageous enough, can be uttered by mouth or written or printed in a form of letter, or can be sent via sms text messages or social media sites that you are both connected.

  • I don’t mean to be a stalker or a creep but I have been observing you from the moment you raised your hand to answer the teacher’s question. You were so confident about it and uttered your wrong answer with pride. I am really sorry for having the most raucous laugh back then. I don’t mean to let you recall all of this but it’s hard for me not to let you remember it when to me that was the day I started catching feelings for you. Trust me it’s not from the wrong answer, rather it was from the way you stood there, deliver your answer and laughed violently when the teacher told you you were wrong. Everyone who is sane enough would consider it abnormal, but I have acknowledged every second of it and found cuteness in it. I think I like you.
  • I don’t mean to freak you out but I am the guy who’s been throwing crumpled papers on you just to notice me. Those paper contains love letters that you didn’t bother reading. This time I am going to hand you this love letter in a presentable paper so that you’ll finally read it. I am certain that I like you. Your honesty will either please or destroy my heart, nonetheless it’s going to be satisfied to hear an answer coming from your heart.


  • I am still going to say that you are beautiful even if you are tired of hearing this everyday from people you meet everywhere. I think I have a glimpse beyond your superficial beauty and I am certain that everything in it deserves to be loved. I want to be that person who will love all your beauty and the things you consider ugly parts of you. I promise to love you without allowing yourself to lose some parts of you.


  • I honestly am admiring you from afar and can only wish that I would know you better beyond your physical beauty. My intentions are honest, so with all honesty I will tell you this. You are someone who I feel comfortable being vulnerable, and that is because I like you.


  • Looking at you made me dream of something else and that is to be acquainted with the universe inside you. If you want to be acquainted with the universe inside me, I can definitely share it with you. I like you enough to make me dream of this. I would be more than pleased if you grant me this wish.


  • My dad told me about how he met my mom and all he said was you know you’re in love with someone when something special happens inside you at the first glance of a person. I think my dad is right because when I first looked at you something in me happened which I can’t put into words, although I am very much certain that I like you.