Facts in life text messages are part of our day to day texting experience. Since texting is so popular, our friends…and foes feel it is their obligation to text us interesting facts to help us through the daily troubles.

The Value of Friendship

The value of friendship

Only when you are down in life you will know who your friends are” or “ Everybody is your pal  until you get in trouble” are facts of life texts we get when our friends have failed us one way or the other.

Your Place in Life

Your place in life

Don’t sell yourself short because you will be treated as such all your life”, “ Make sure you know what are you racing towards before beginning the race” or “ Don’t compromise on being 2nd best” are texts we send our friends when they are in a great need of a pep talk.

Enjoy Life

Enjoy life

When you are sending facts of life messages  to somebody who needs to enjoy life more, you can say things like: “Life is a ball of cotton.

Make it lighter with joy and not heavier with sorrow”, “ Ctrl+Alt+Delete – Control Yourself, use Alternate Solutions, Delete the things bothering you” or “ Live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow, enjoying life is worth all your attention”

Expressing Disappointment

Expressing disappointment

People usually text facts of life messages when they suffer and want to share their pain with their friends.

In these situations you can always write to someone “ Don’t get attached, attachment leads to expectation and expectation leads to disappointment”, “ It is better to be resented 4 what u r than appreciated 4 what u r not”, “ You can’t be loved by everyone”.

Financial Aspect

Financial aspect

Money is most likely the most popular subject for facts of life messages. Everybody loves to address the topic and considering that people text about it a lot here are some interesting ideas for messaging :

Being born poor is excusable, dying poor is unforgivable”, “ If you want to feel wealthy count the things you’ve got that money can’t buy”, “ The real success seeks out those that are ready for it

The Way you Act

The way you act

People tend to text us about the facts bothering them about us, so if you get somebody mad you might receive this kind of facts of life text messages:”

If you got upset for such a little thing , it says what size of person are you”, “ Most of the time , the tone of voice is what does the damage. It’s not what you say but how you say it” or “ Some things hurt more if left unsaid then if you dare to say them”