Life messages play a significant role in our life for this is what keeps our spirits from floating despite the raging waters that life gladly offers us. Sending life messages to one of your gay friends, be it closeted or not, is very helpful in feeding their spirits so that they may find the lust to live everything good in life. Gays in the current are still bullied by being who they are and it is the job of those who possess a good heart to show them that they’re so much more than just being bullied.

This article can be very helpful if you have a gay friend who struggles his way through the harshness that is life. Life messages for gay friends are presented here that you may reword or rephrase should you see the necessity in doing so. These messages are for free and may be used by anyone to spread the love they want to share to the world. Life messages are composed with a tone that inspires courage so words should be thoroughly think before putting them in this type of message.

  • A life of fulfillment can only be achieved when you have accepted the core of you existence and not shun some parts of you just because others see it as flaws. Remember, (name of friend), that you will never taste the best of living if you deny your sexuality just to please those around you. I am really happy that you have embraced fully your sexuality and do not hide it from everyone despite others who have made hating the LGBTQ community as business which they cannot profit. Keep living that life and know well that we, your true friends, will always have you back.


  • Hello, (name of friend), your coming out was very shocking and even I have to admit that I am a bit jealous for having so much courage in this generation filled mostly with hatred and disgust should you deviate from this so called selfish “standards” of them. In the time of your coming out I prided myself in having a friend like you for you have helped me not only to be courageous but also to look closely into what society considers as flaws when in fact they are not. You have my whole admiration.


  • The thing that I like most about you is you stand up to those pea sized brain bully who forces you to just stop breathing. Maybe you have not realized this but I learned that everything good attracts destruction and it is only a matter of choice if you let that destruction conquer everything that is good, and you decide not to let them touch you. Not even a scratch. This letter I am dedicating to you is to remind you of how much courageous your soul is and refuses to be defeated from worldly irrational repugnance.


  • My dearest friend, see you happy with yourself makes my heart smile. It may have been hard for you to borne a life knowing that gay people are usually bullied for they are perceived as anything  but normal. Well, I would agree to them for your attitude and  greatness is above normal. Your good heart has defined you as a human and not your sexual preferences. Embracing your identity is really a bold act for you will flourish in the endless possibilities of life. Keep your head up, bro, for your tiara might fall.


  • All my life I have been in an endless search of a person worth the whole of my admiration and I have finally found it in you. You are one of the reasons why there is so much to learn in life than just resigning our fate to the world of injustice and pretense. That good heart of yours desires nothing but all the pleasant things for everyone which makes me admire you even more for others are so driven with determination about bringing others down with no concrete reason but because of their identity. May your good heart bear the sweetest of fruits.


  • I always wondered whatever it is that weighs your spirits down for I have known you all my life and never have you ever decided to be as rock bottom as your current state. If you are having trouble again with being accepted because of your sexual preference then you need to unload those weights for your worth is never questioned and reduced to nothingness by this. Let your worth not be defined by narrow views who refuse to look beyond society’s set up standards and, thus, fail to see it.


  • Gay people are compared to flowers and rainbows by cynical straight men and women. If this identity is such a filth to a community why are they compared to rainbows when all they say is gay people bring calamities, knowing that a rainbow only appears after a storm. Why brand them as society’s greatest anomaly deserving of hatred but compared them to flower when a flower is given to people as an expression of our love?  Maybe society is just an insatiable, contradicting cycle which can never be satisfied. Let us rather satisfy ourselves for the benefits that this action brings are far more significant than any social standards.


  • Looking at you makes me just want to thank your mom and dad personally for I’ve never seen a soul carved with intricate lovely edges. Being gay might have been hard for you for we live in a time with some personalities that have failed to adapt to changes and minds still narrow and shallow. You said that the hardships you went through has made you what you are now which is worth adoring. This have greatly inspired me to build a path of my own with nothing to carry but your philosophies, virtues, and way of living. I can only assume that your parents happiest by simply looking at you. May you continue to succeed in the challenges ahead and progress in any way possible.