Life messages are a great way to make someone’s day and create a bright fulfilling environment. They can be fun, tongue in cheek and inspirational.

Life messages for someone as special as one’s brother are even more significant and precious. Hence life messages to brother should be written with great care.

Sample Life Messages to Brother

[blockquote]Life is all about sharing the little and seemingly unimportant moments. But these moments combine to form the unforgettable experience that we call life. We have one life and thus it is only fair that we should enjoy it. Dear brother, thank you for always being there![/blockquote]

[blockquote]You and I have shared every moment ever since we gained consciousness. Today, you are about to step into a new world. But despite life throwing us so far away from each other, I will always remember and cherish the moments that we have spent together, dear brother, and pray that God keeps you safe and happy.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Dear brother, life seems meaningless without you by my side. You have protected me and guarded me from all worries. Life has gifted me with someone as special as you and I pray to God that every joy of life is yours forever and forever.[/notice]
  • Life is an unending series of challenges that test our resolve and grit every moment. But life also compensates for it by gifting us with special individuals who make a world of difference. You, dear brother, are the gift of my life and I hope and pray that I can always be by your side.