The cruelty that rules over the graying world has been minimized because a president in United States have taught the world to accept individual differences, and by waving the rainbow flag the world has become more fabulous than ever. The LGBTQ community has offered the greatest contributions in the different fields of lifestyle and most people look up to their ideas for they are weaved with fascination. The celebration being held is for the society to uplift their spirits knowing that society had been very harsh to them in the previous centuries. If you have a friend who is part of the LGBTQ community and you would want to encourage him or her, then bombarding life messages will definitely get their spirits up and soaring over cloud nine. Here are sample life messages to let them know that you are against bully and other forms of violence. You may send these messages via sms or any social media websites, or you may wave a banner with these messages to show full support as they march proud in the streets.

  • The world has never been more fabulous as the rainbow flag painted the colors of this world’s gray winds.


  • Of course God does not hate gay people, they’re the main reason why rainbows are invented.


  • As generalized by most men, you’re smooth and compared to water that deserves to be beaten but when a water gets beaten, the culprit comes out clean without harming the water at all.


  • A dreamer of peace can never achieve his objective unless he learns to accept the differences in all people. It is a chaos to both heart and mind to accept individual differences, but once these will be accepted a harmony will put the selfish rage into an eternal slumber.


  • How could a corrupted world prosper if a man refuses to love his fellow man.


  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Man, and Woman are humans, the only thing that differs is their sexual preference.


  • If everyone is created in the image of God, then who are we to judge the LGBTQ as a flawed creation.