Brothers are someone whom we take into full consideration as our shoulder to cry on should we have any problems, yet when they are the ones troubled with personal issues they have this tendency to develop a thought to not share their problem for this may cause us trouble as well. It is important that we help our brothers lift their spirits up by any means. Composing an uplifting life message is one way to save your brother help him rise from the misery he is facing.


This article provides fee sample uplifting life messages to be dedicated to brothers to ease the weight he’s carrying on his shoulders. These messages should have a hopeful tone to be sure it can cheer him up. It may be hard to convince him with this type of message so it is important to cite a situation where he was happiest and full of joy for this message to be effective. These messages may serve as guidelines and it is suggested you change the situation for the mentioned situations below are products of the author’s assumptions.

  • I know that as my dear brother you hate to see me so down with my problems, and seeing you down with your problems disheartens me greatly as well. I never thought that this kind of heartbreak can break hearts worse than relationship break up. As your sister it is my sacred duty to not allow your self to succumb to the darkness that is the world of sorrows. It’s about time you shed your tears on my shoulders for your pillows need some time to dry themselves out.


  • Seeing my brother enfeebled by tons of adversities inspires me to do my part as your older brother for I dread the sound of your long sighs of misery. I have a feeling that you will be able to cast a light of your own in this dark day of yours. I will be one of the many witnesses as you fumble for ways and methods to make it out of your miserable state and will keep on cheering despite the staccato stumbles that would happen. I am pretty sure you will make it for we share this flame of a courage which refuses to  die despite the threatening factors which wish it dead.


  • Hello, brother, it is alright to allow yourself to cry your eyes out for this day so that you can clearly see your tomorrows with no more tear stained eyes. Your affection for your girlfriend has to die sooner or later and do not allow yourself to be a prisoner of a future which has died in the present. I assure you that a time will come where you realize how much you are worth and deserving of only the best things in life. Do not escape this storm, rather endure it while it is present for you to gain what needs be gained.


  • Isn’t it a little shocking to know that my strong brother is greatly emotionally affected by frivolous derision of the cynics regarding his art? I am in utter disbelief about this for I have never witnessed you in such a state. But what’s more than hard to believe is someone completely knowledge deprived in the field of art has made contemptuous remarks about your work. Truth be told each time you present your work in class it makes me not want to show my art work anymore for your work alone already drains my confidence fast. Keep feeding that artsy soul of yours.


  • Dearest brother, I  cannot accept that you will be discouraged and just go find a job which is not in line with your chosen degree only because you have been rejected in your first interview. There will always be rejection in life which should not dishearten us, instead it should be perceived as a help in getting you to the right path on your career. Never allow yourself to simply give up for failure only happens when one decides to stop trying.


  • To the strongest brother one could ever consider, it burdens my heart to see an awful version of yourself. I know that you trained the hardest to win in the tournament, apparently it didn’t turn out how we all wished it would. You must always remember that sometimes it takes a defeat for you to realize the areas which needs improvement. It is natural to feel bad about the results, but what is not natural is to be hard on yourself for not meeting the expected result. I have invested my faith on bettering yourself for you have been breaking boundaries since we were young.


  • The bags circling in your eyes are physically and emotionally distracting. I am completely oblivious to this newly discovered fact that you have the heart for romanticizing failed relationships. The world knows the depth of your love is to that girl and this disappointment of yours has a depth very similar your love for her. Sooner or later you will find the reasons why it never turned out the way everything you wanted it to be. You have thought of this as your greatest loss, but, with all certainty, in the near future this will be your greatest gain.


  • Hello, bro, it really is hard to accept that good things also have their limits and it is okay for us to grieve over these circumstances. I see you have been the happiest when you were with this dog and had witnessed you both grow as the best of friends. This loss of yours is somehow mine to share with for your are becoming someone else due to the situation at hand. Battle the threat of your depression for if your dog were alive it cannot bear to see you sad. Let us rejoice my friend for your dog is now in the arms of our almighty Father in heaven, and we could only imagine that he will be happy if you manage to conquer this impending depression you are currently facing.