Text messaging is no doubt very popular among individuals of different walks of life including celebrities. But what is becoming more rampant these days is ‘sexting’, which involves the exchange of explicit messages or photos through cell phones.

[blockquote]Sexting is emerging as a new trend of flirting. It’s not just teenagers or youngsters who are following this trend, but many married adults also use sexting to carry on with their illicit affairs.[/blockquote]

Surprisingly many celebrities have been involved in illegal relationships via sexting. Many of their sexting scandals were revealed to the public through media; which have led to relationship breakups and divorces. Here is a list of famous personalities who were caught cheating via sexting.

These celebrities could not fool around with digital notes for long. Check out the adulterous lives of popular Hollywood stars, pro-athletes, political dignitaries and TV stars in this infographic.

Jesse James, while being married to Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, cheated with model Michelle McGee. Bullock split with her hubby after the hot text messages went public. Tea Leoni, wife of David Duchovny, was caught cheating with Billy Bob Thornton, when the chat messages were found.

[blockquote]Eliot Spitzer was caught involved in affairs with Ashley Dupre and others. The infamous affairs of Tiger Wood received much criticism when his liaisons went public.[/blockquote]

Erin Barry, the basketball player cheated on his wife Eva Longoria with Erin Barry. Actress Reese Witherspoon had to end her marriage with Ryan Phillippe after she found out the text exchanges between Ryan and Abbie Cornish.

Celebrities Caught Cheating Via Sexting

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Celebrities Caught Cheating Via Sexting
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