Text messaging which is commonly known as texting has become very popular way of sending a brief message over a network of phone.

The first text message was sent on 3rd December, 1992 by Neil Papworth who was a software engineer to Richard Jarvis who was Vodafone director and the message was “Merry Christmas”.

The first network to offer commercial person to person SMS messaging services was Radiolinja in the year 1994. With 74%, text messaging is the most widely used mobile data service and in Sweden and Finland, more than 85% of the people make use of SMS service.

In Spain around 50 messages are sent by per user per month while in US the figure stands at 534 messages per user per month. In UK, more than 1 billion of text messages are sent every week while in Europe 16 messages are sent in a month.

The use of text messaging has increased with the increase in the mobile phone users. As per statistics, 74% of the teenagers in US carry mobile phones and around 42% teens can text when blindfolded. As per the study of the Rice University, women are twice likely to make use of the emoticons in their text messages while the men use variety of emoticons.

[blockquote]There are various acronyms used while chatting and texting and some of the most popular ones include BTW, BRB, B4N, 2NITE, LOL, GR8, BFF, THX, XOXO, 2MORO and others.[/blockquote]

How Text Messaging Changed Over The Years

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