Babies are the most wonderful present that parents could ever ask for. In announcing of an arrival of a new family member, new baby messages are used as medium for everyone to know about it. If ever parents are expected to have a baby boy then here are some new baby boy messages to help you announce his coming in the world.

New baby messages are not only  limited to parents who wish to announce a mother’s pregnancy, friends and family members can also compose new baby messages to congratulate the parents for birthing a child. This article provides sample messages regarding ways of informing everyone in their circle that they are expecting a baby and also congratulating the parents for expecting a child or children. Choices of words must be important and it is important to take note about the tone of phrases which should be cheerful and joyous.

  • Mom, dad, friends, and best friends I know that I’ve had this baby bump since forever, but trust me this time this is a real baby bump! The doctors have informed me that I will be giving birth to lovely twins and I am so excited and ready to take the journey of motherhood.
  • In today’s generation it is common that fathers to be would run away if his partner is carrying a baby, and I just happen to be the type of person who stands firm with my choices and actions. So yes, I am going to be a dad and I have not planned my escape from fatherhood because, despite my young age, I am so much ready to father my soon to be son or daughter.
  • The day after my marriage I thought that I have experienced the maximum joy of the promised happiness of togetherness and, trust me, every day I am still feeling that kind of happiness. Now that I found out I am about to be a father in nine months, I couldn’t contain the joy heavily showered upon me. I am so much grateful to anyone who has decided to write my destiny in the papers of happy ever after.

Below are sample messages to be dedicated to parents to congratulate them about their status:

  • Dearest daughter, I hope I have shown you what it’s like to be the greatest mother one could ever desire, if you have experienced circumstances cumbersome from me I hope you understand I did all  that for you. Now that you are going to give birth to your first baby boy, I hope that you practice good motherhood as I did when you were still a baby. Congratulations, my soon-to-be-mother daughter.
  • Hearsay has it that you are going to have a baby boy! I am so excited for you that I fail to contain my grin that has been splitting my face from the day I heard. By the way, I already bought some baby boy t-shirts and shorts because I know that I will be one of the godmothers because I demand for that position, best friend. Congratulations to you for being a soon-to-be-mom best friend, and congratulations to me for being appointed as godmother of your son!
  • I dread for the coming days that you will not be around with me to drunk oneself over liquors for you now have a month of training of wrapping diapers and feeding your coming baby. After you’re training you will be fully committed to daddy tasks. Nevertheless, I am the happiest person alive knowing that you are ready to set an example of good fathering.