A sister is the women you can say that add excitement in your family, even if she is older or younger, she will be the loyal person you can rely on in your life. If you want to tell her your feelings this New Year, tell it to her while there is still time, let her know if you have a hard feelings to her and that this year may be the time you can really get along. With the list of kind and caring messages below, you can now have the chance to welcome her with a new and generous year for both of you.

Sample Funny New Year Message for Sister

Funny New Year Message for Sister

  • If God have given me bittersweet gift this New Year, I can say that it is you. I know we have a misunderstanding at times yet you act that it is a little thing to ruin our relationship as sibling. I wish you to have the best luck, good health in your life and career this year; never forget that I will be always here.

  • Sister is the girl that cries for simplest drama and laugh in a clichéd joke, that is all what we need in our family. We need you even if its New Year coming, your presence will still be required to complete the craziness of our family and have the laugh we are all looking for, keep in touch and take care.

  • You are my one and only sister in whole wide world, that’s why this New Year I want to say that we love you so much! We wish you more that you want, a successful career, perfect health and a joyful life with us, let the almighty drive you what is destined for you and trust him every time.

  • Dear my lovely Sister, I know you have been good sibling to all of us, please let our prosperous wishes for your life be granted to you like having happy days to come, more achievements in your dreams and a peaceful heart to so you will be satisfied with all you have.

  • Happy New Year to you my sister! I want to say thank you for all the things you have done to our family, this year please let yourself be happy and let Gods grace be in your presence any where you go, take away your worries, give you a health body and mind specially grant all the wishes you want for all of us, we love you so much and we will always be here for you.