For your suitor or fiancé, let the New Year be a fresh start for your relationship, tell all the feelings you have to him or her as the celebration of the year is near. Show to your love through messages that there will be no one to replace him or her in your life, as the years passed you will always be the same person that loved your partner.

With the fresh list of notes that can take the emotions of your partner send them as your personal letter or text this New Year as your compliment in your relationship.

Sample Funny New Year Messages for Love

Funny New Year Messages for Love

  • With all the persons I meet this year. I can say that you are the exceptional one; you always show the best in me and worst yet still are there in my side. I want to wish you all the wishes in your life be granted and our relationship be strong as ever be.

  • I think God has given me the blessing I need in the form of you. You are the angel without wings that tell me the right decision in my life, tell me encouraging words and help me in my struggles. For the year 2016 I pray that you will be without wings as I need you all the time and I hope I am to you.

  • Happy New Year to my sweetest and loveable partner! I appreciate all of your sacrifices, hardships in our relationship, be strong and don’t let go to our bond as it is our connection every time the day passed.

  • You know that I want no more than the best to you for this 2016, more prosperous career and joyful relationship to both of us. I want to count the years to come at your side and reminisce the memorable moments we have when we get old, I will never leave your side until my last breath. I love you so much my honey and forever will be.

  • I know that years are just numbers, I do not count them but the days that I tell to myself that I am lucky to have you. I want to say sorry for all the wrong things I have done and I regret those. I am a new man. I can prove that I deserve for you and let this New Year a statement for that, my love for you is more than the world could give to you.